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Hemp Shower and Bath Citrus

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Hemp Shower and Bath Citrus
Gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skins , respects the natural pH of the skin and hydrolipidic . S..

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Hemp Shower and Bath Citrus
Gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skins , respects the natural pH of the skin and hydrolipidic . Shortly foaming but effective cleanser, contains surfactants of vegetable origin , which make it suitable for frequent baths or showers .
Give your skin the gentle , fresh scent of citrus .
Completely biodegradable , contains no artificial preservatives .
Property details
Thanks to its composition rich in natural substances , such as precious oil Cannabis Sativa and surfactants derived from plant , cleanses respecting the hydrolipidic .
E ' for those who do not tolerate normal detergents , for all those which usually have problems irritation and redness skin resulting from the use of washing substances .
Completely biodegradable contains ingredients Plant non-irritating and harmless the environment.
It does not contain preservatives
Essential Oils
Retrieved from orange peel , sweet orange oil , such as other citrus fruits, including bergamot , contains the cosmic heat , the fire element, light.
In the light citrus becomes smell , which explains the revitalizing action of these oils essential .
Calms nervous tension , recall quality solar , such as vitality , expansion, confidence , action. They are also known the antiseptic, tonic , astringent .
L 'a r a n c i a, h a n u ' z i o n e refreshing and purifying when skin greasy or asphyxiated . Lavender is combined with citrus addol c Endon in the fragrance. It is said that this plant, under the influence of the Moon acts on the psyche as r q i e u l i b r a n t e , c or d to lma n , relaxing, and also by stimulating when necessary.
Suitable for sleep, is ideal for bathing children.
Due to its antiseptic properties , aninfiammatorie , antifungal and healing, combined with the large tolerated , is effective in prevention of redness and disruption of the skin.
Delicate surface The careful selection of ingredients, in particular, surfactants, distinguishes sharply and unique cleaning products Verdes, placing them on market among the products with high qualitative terms , where quality is meant by ecological and maximum tolerance .
The Disodium COCOPOLYGLUCOSE Citrate, SODIUM Lauroyl glutamic and CAPRYLYL / CAPRYL Glucoside, Surfactants are among the source plant considered by many the most physiological and skin-compatible exist.
Despite having a reduced power foam , in truth have an good cleaning power and solubilize fast dirt.
The brand Coconat All shampoos and shower Verdesativa have obtained eco the TA CO.CO.NAT . (cosmetics subsidiary natural).
Pe r e f u n t o f t m a g g i o r m e n t e d i s t e n s i v o is recommended for use in a relaxing bath evening.
Can be successfully used a natural sponge to distribute shower on the body and increase frothiness
Yes: only delicate surface of plant origin
Yes: pure essential oils , pure oil of Cannabis Sativa
Yes: high skin tolerance
Yes: completely biodegradable, contains natural dermoprotective
No, fragrances , preservatives or synthetic dyes
No: SLS, SLES, PEGs , PPG , GMO or other substances considered at risk
No, animal testing

Ingredients: Aqua , Disodium Citrate Cocopolyglucose ; Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside , Sorbitol , Glycerin , Sodium Lauroyl glutamate , Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein , Cannabis Sativa , Citrus Dulcis , Citrus Bergamo, Lavandula Angustifolia , Lactic Acid , Ascorbic Acid.Cinnamyl alcohol , Citral , Limonene , Linalool , Geraniol , Coumarin .
Bottle 200ml