Line Organic Makeup

The Make-up New Functional Helan is concrete and positive to the well-being, is searching for more effective natural active ingredients, Organic, where possible, to add all the decorative richness that we can see from Nature for effective action , Gentle, Hypoallergenic, for the benefit of the skins
• the most delicate, sensitive and easy to redness and allergy.
• dry and dehydrated
• combination and oily
Safety Program
In full respect of its formulation philosophy Helan place, as always, safety at the heart of their research by implementing a careful selection of a limited number of raw materials: the most effective, natural, harmless, rigorous formulation to harmonize the principles of the synergistic effects active, meticulous production to ensure product purity and stability in order to offer a 'high quality in full compliance with the criteria:
• hypoallergenic as judged by skin tests performed without the use of animals, with the most accredited Medical University;
• No animal ingredients for the respect due to our weaker friends;
• absence of petrolatum, mineral oils and their derivatives that form an occlusive film on the skin;
• the absence of lanolin and its derivatives for their irritancy;
• no preservatives *, in almost all products, paraben-free and always, in very rare cases, with potassium sorbate, admitted by all protocols Organic certification.
All products are tested to reduce the risk of allergies, allergy to heavy metals: Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt, ... tested (evaluation according to European Directive 94/27/EC No - less than 1ppm °).
* Former L.713/86 - ° less than 0.0001 mg / l
The Make-up New Functional Helan Nature presents, as usual, divided into three areas:
The Colors of Helan: Eye Treatment
The Helan Colors: Lips Treatment
The Colors of Helan: Facial Treatment