Bach Flowers

Bach flowers
Edward Bach
Between 1928 and 1930 , Bach discovers the first three flowers : Impatiens , Mimulus , Clematis .
In 1932 Bach had discovered and collected twelve flowers on the basis that they were - according to him - can cure many moods. These flowers called the twelve healers , which are:
Rock Rose to quell the panic ; Mimulus for fear ; Cerato for ignorance ; Scleranthus for indecision ; Gentian for doubt ; Water Violet for pain ; Impatiens for impatience ; Agrimony for restlessness ; Chicory for the constriction ; Vervain to fanaticism ; Clematis for indifference . Centaury for weakness
The last step consisted in identifying the flowers also capable of curing the various nuances of moods that the " Twelve," they identified . So it was that spotted " The seven helpers" and still nineteen other flowers. In 1935 the remedies had become 38.
Rescue Remedy
It is the remedy to take when we feel overwhelmed by anxiety and panic , and when we face a sudden crisis or an emergency situation and we need an immediate solution.
Rescue Remedy is a mixture of five essences :
Star of Bethlehem Rock Rose Clematis Impatiens Cherry Plum
Bach flowers for fear
5 remedies to fight the fear in all its forms
MIMULUS It is the appropriate remedy for the fears , anxieties , fears, concrete , those that we feel in our daily lives . We know what we are afraid of , the object of our anxiety is known, has a specific name.
RED CHESTNUT For those who fear for the safety of loved ones and is overwhelmed with anxiety . It is the remedy recommended for those who worries excessively for the family and can not live peacefully .
ASPEN It is the flower of Bach for those who try fears with vague , which can not give a name. It is often a senseless fear that can also generate anxiety that leads to panic.
ROCK ROSE This is the recommended remedy in cases of panic, terror and fear crowds . Useful for those who suffer from nightmares and who is carried away by their emotions so that they felt as if it were under siege.
CHERRY PLUM For those who are afraid of losing control and doing harm to themselves or others: Cherry Plum is the remedy for those who feel they have reached the limit and is ready to " burst" , as if he felt inside a ticking time bomb . Bach flowers for insecurity
6 remedies to cure insecurity and uncertainty
SCLERANTHUS It is the remedy for those who , faced with two or more alternatives , he can not make a decision. It is the flower that helps those who are perpetually undecided in small everyday matters , to the point of turning every choice in a real dilemma.
WILD OAT It is the remedy recommended for those who are looking for their own way, but does not know in which direction to look, do not have a clear goal and can not figure out what his true vocation.
CERATO It is the Bach flower for those who , knowing what he wants , he does not trust his own judgment and constantly asking the opinion of those around him .
Hornbeam It is the remedy recommended to all those who suffer from the so-called " Monday syndrome " for those who wakes up in the morning and already tired just thinking of your day you feel exhausted.
GENTIAN For those after a failure or a disappointment it was broken and no longer believe we can do it . It is the remedy for those who need to find a little ' self-confidence to try again after a failure.
GORSE For those who have lost all hope and think that there is no longer any way to go : Gorse is the flower suitable to resume their lives in hand with renewed confidence in the future.
Bach flowers for the concern
5 remedies to cure excessive concern for others
VERVAIN It is the appropriate remedy for idealists who infervorano in front of an injustice or so are taken from an ideal to work day and night to see it realized.
ROCK WATER For those who are very rigid in his way of life and tends to reject the joys and pleasures because he was convinced that interfere with his work
BEECH It is the Bach flower for those who have a tendency to criticize others because it does not reflect his ideal of beauty and goodness , for those who are intolerant of other people's diversity .
VINE It is the remedy recommended for those who , sure of himself and his own ability , tend to want to impose their views on others, even by force.
CHICORY For those who are very attentive to the needs of others, but ends up limiting their freedom as would like to keep close to him those he loves. One of his favorite sayings is: " I sacrifice myself for your sake and that is how you repay me .
Bach flowers for solitude
3 remedies to be comfortable with others
HEATHER It is the appropriate remedy for those who fear loneliness to the point of always seek the company of someone without being able to grant him any attention because of the tendency to monopolize the discourse .
IMPATIENS For those who are always in a hurry, no patience and gets nervous in front of people she considers " slow" because they do not follow his frantic pace.
WATER VIOLET It is the Bach flower for those who have a markedly independent, quiet and reserved, but is likely to isolate themselves too much and suffer from loneliness because of the excessive detachment toward others .
Bach flowers for hypersensitivity
4 remedies to cure those who let himself be influenced too much by the ideas and opinions of others
WALNUT It is the remedy for those who must deal with a change ( eg moving house , a new job , for children who start school ) and those who are so easily swayed by the opinions and ideas of others.
CENTAURY If you recognize yourself in the role of poor Cinderella , sweet , kind and good to all, who always saying yes to everyone and ends up being overwhelmed by the demands of others.
AGRIMONY It is the Bach flower show for those who are always cheerful and carefree, but inwardly hatching an unspoken sadness that torments him .
HOLLY It is the Bach flower for those who test strong negative emotions such as jealousy , hatred, suspicion and resentment. It is so much overwhelmed by these emotions to behave in a short-tempered, sometimes downright cruel and violent.
Bach flowers for discouragement
8 remedies to cure those who live a difficult time of sadness and pain
LARCH It is the remedy for those who have no confidence in themselves and in their abilities. For those not convinced even start to fail. For those who renounces his dreams because he thinks he does not live up to.
ELM For those who are overwhelmed by their work and begins to doubt we can do it . Fatigue leads to feel insecure , uncomfortable and worried.
OAK It is the flower of Bach who seems tireless , always ready to make its own contribution . It is reliable and responsible people but often exceed their limits and end up exhausting all energies.
CRAB APPLE It is the flower of Bach who does not love himself or a part of himself . It is called the remedy of treatment because it helps those who feel " dirty " , which was contaminated to rediscover love for themselves and regain a positive self image .
PINE It is the Bach flower for those who always blames himself for the mistakes , which are his or others. It is suitable for those who always feels guilty and tends also to take responsibility not his.
WILLOW It is the Bach flower for those who resents and feels a victim of circumstances . These are people who always give the blame to others and autocommiserano for the difficulties they encounter.
SWEET CHESTNUT It is the Bach flower for those who feels a great despair and sees no way out. For those who have lost a loved one and you feel grief-stricken to the point of seeing no hope for the future .
STAR OF BETHLEHEM It is the flower of Bach for those who have suffered a severe shock or trauma and was unable to process the pain. For those who have lost a loved one or was the victim of a highly traumatic situation .
Bach flowers for the awareness of this
7 remedies to treat those who do not test interest in the present moment
HONEYSUCKLE It is the appropriate remedy for those who tend to live in the past , lost in his memories, forget the present and what surrounds it. Often these are people who are convinced that their happiness belongs to the past or people unable to leave behind the sad memories .
Clematis The type Clematis do not live in the present because he was constantly immersed in the future: his mind wanders among the thousands of possibilities that could be presented . Often dreams with open eyes and try little interest in everyday life.
WHITE CHESTNUT It is the Bach flower for those who feel overwhelmed by troubling thoughts and repetitive , as if he had a broken record in my head that keeps repeating the same song .
WILD ROSE The type appears to have no interest in Wild Rose , lethargic , his favorite phrase is " I do not care ." It is resigned to what is happening , let life simply slides on him.
CHESTNUT BUD It is the flower of Bach for those who continue to relive the same situations , unable to grasp the teaching . Who needs Chestnut Bud tend not to learn from past mistakes : continues to recite the same script in the vain hope of getting a different result.
OLIVE The Bach flower Olive helps those who live in a state of physical and mental exhaustion due to a precise cause (illness, excessive load of work or study ... ) . You do need to Olive when you feel afflicted by a heavy fatigue.
MUSTARD It is the Bach flower for those who feel depressed but fails to grasp the cause. It is a depression, " unmotivated " , which has no apparent external explanations .

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