Vitamins, probiotics , minerals , proteins , fibers , royal jelly ... all substances contained in food and that aim to improve the functioning of the body , to compensate for poor food , to promote the well-being of the person and especially to prevent certain diseases. Together these products constitute a large family of dietary supplements whose properties have been known since antiquity.

In addition to products with specific nutritional components like vitamins and minerals are part of the family of dietary supplements include a number of plant products , the " herbal " and derivatives , such as royal jelly and propolis, whose action is subject to assessment a group of experts convened by the Advisory Committee for products intended for special diets .

Transposing the European Directive 2002/46, from 30 July 2004 entered into force in Italy a law that regulates very strictly market supplements , which as written in the text itself, are defined as : " food for inclusion in the common diet and are a concentrated source of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, or other substances with a nutritional or physiological , including but not limited to amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber and herbal extracts , alone that in combination, in unit dose form . "

Supplements meet specific nutritional needs or special physiological condition . Are concentrated sources of nutrients or substances supplements are intended to complement the diet, not replace food. They are used , as explained by the Ministry of Health, " to optimize nutritional intake , nutritional substances of concern to provide protective or trophic effect and improve the metabolism and physiological functions . Must be administered in accordance with precise instructions , both on the composition of maximum levels of recruitment, as indicated by the revised guidelines in December 2002 by the Ministry of Health.

In addition to line food supplements, also present in this section of the line products Intestinal Health , Tonics line , line joints , Aloe Vera,
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