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Hemp Shower Bath Vetiver and Orange

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  • Manufactured by: Verdesativa

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Hemp Shower Bath Vetiver and Orange
Mild formula , for even the most sensitive skin, contains surfactants plant, which respect the na..

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Hemp Shower Bath Vetiver and Orange
Mild formula , for even the most sensitive skin, contains surfactants plant, which respect the natural pH of skin and coat hydrolipidic .
Shortly foaming but effective cleanser, suitable for frequent showers , leave the skin on the warm fragrance of Vetiver and orange.
Completely biodegradable , contains no artificial preservatives .
Property details
Thanks to its composition rich in natural substances , such as Cannabis Sativa and precious oil surfactants derived from plant , cleanses respecting the hydrolipidic .
E ' for those who do not tolerate normal detergents , for all those which usually have problems irritation and redness skin resulting from the use of washing substances .
Just foam , suitable the most sensitive skin : for You can increase the foaming Use a natural sponge. Conversely it is spread on the body as a cream, rinse and after a light massage.
Completely biodegradable contains ingredients Plant non-irritating and harmless the environment.
Leaves skin delicately scented with the warm fragrance of Vetiver and Orange.
The virtues of Vetiver and dell'Arancio
The Vetiver is known as effective antiseptic , purifying ( suitable for cleaning leather impure ) and stimulating circulation, acts as both sedating the nervous system, that as a stimulant in cases of fatigue.
It is said that the f r a g r a n i z a d v e r t i v e , traditionally a fragrance hot , masculine , and toned, energizing and aphrodisiac .
The Orange , it has a r inf res manufacturer, depurat the go, calming , and revitalization in if skin is oily or asphyxiated .
Calm nervous tension , Draws as solar , which vitality, growth , confidence, action. It 's a good antiseptic, tonic , astringent.
Delicate surface The careful selection of ingredients, in particular, surfactants, distinguishes sharply and unmistakable detergents Verdes, placing them on market among the products with high qualitative terms , where quality is meant by ecological and maximum tolerance .
The Disodium COCOPOLYGLUCOSE Citrate, SODIUM Lauroyl glutamic and CAPRYLYL / CAPRYL Glucoside, are among the surfactants plant considered by many the most physiological and skin-compatible exist.
Despite having a reduced power foam , in truth have a good cleaning power and solubilize the fast dirty.
The brand Coconat All shampoos and shower Verdesativa obtained the eco- CO.CO.NAT . (cosmetics subsidiary natural).
For uneffetto m a g g i o r m e n t e d i s t e n s i v o is recommended for use in a relaxing bath evening. Can be successfully used a natural sponge to increase the foaming
Yes: only delicate surface of plant origin
Yes: pure essential oils , pure oil of Cannabis Sativa
Yes: contains natural dermoprotective
Yes: high skin tolerance
Yes: completely biodegradable
No, fragrances , preservatives or synthetic dyes
No: SLS, SLES, PEGs , PPG , GMO or other substances considered at risk
No, animal testing

Ingredients: Aqua, Disodium Citrate Cocopolyglucose , Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside, Sorbitol , Glycerin , Sodium Lauroyl glutamate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein , Cannabis Sativa , Citrus Dulcis , Vetiveria Zizanoides , Lactic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Cinnamyl Alcohol , Citral , Limonene .
Bottle 200ml