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Capelvenere Wood and Bark of Conifers Shampoo

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for hair with dandruff
essential oils Fir , Pine and Larch Soothing Activities and a..

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for hair with dandruff
essential oils Fir , Pine and Larch Soothing Activities and antiseborroica
Bottle : 200ml
Dandruff is made up of small white scales due to the acceleration cell turnover of the scalp and hyperactivity of the glands sebaceous glands.
In areas suffering from this dandruff is usually a yeast - Pityrosporum ovalis , which is believed responsible for the reaction inflammation of the skin due to increased proliferation cellular and alteration of the pH.
To counter this troublesome condition is necessary to use a shampoo impeding bacterial cause of irritation ( Pityrosporum ovalis ) and carries a good scrubbing action without removing the blades attacking the already irritated skin .
Shame to the wood and bark of conifers that performs very well task with gentle but effective action as a basis natural cleansing without SLS and SLES, no preservatives and dyes is associated with a pool of essential oils obtained by distillation of wood and bark of spruce, pine and larch , slightly astringent while the activity dandruff acid is closely linked to the synergistic action undecylenate condensed with an essential amino acid , glycine .
The nature, lipophilic acid ( undecylenate ) / wool ( glycine ) of the complex , allows its penetration in depth, and re -acidification of the skin, thus making the environment hostile to bacterial growth , which is responsible inflammation and subsequent desquamation.
For a detergent is highly targeted in line with expectations product, activity antiseborroica , soothing with a marked reduction flaking and itching of the mitigation .
apply the product on wet hair with a gentle massage. Leave on for several minutes before rinsing for best business content of essential oils .
Since the first application you will notice a gradual removal of strip and , after one week, you will have a significant decrease of dandruff with a significant reduction of hair dell'untuosità become more soft, fluffy and easy to comb .
Stop Testing on Animals Controlled by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ) for LAV (Lega antivivisection ) n.002
NATURAL SOURCE : 97 % Certified raw materials : 49 %
�� essential oils of spruce, pine and larch and undecylenate acid condensed with glycine pool of active ingredients that work synergistically purifying the epidermis, preventing the proliferation of bacteria responsible inflammation and allowing a substantial reduction the scaling of the scalp.

INGREDIENTS / INGREDIENTS : AQUA / WATER , Coco -glucoside ***, GLYCERIN , SODIUM *** COCOAMPHOACETATE , Lauryl GLUCOSIDES *** UNDECYLENOYL GLYCINE *** *** glyceryl oleate , Hydrolyzed HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM WHEAT PROTEIN , Sodium lauryl carboxylate *** GLUCOSE , SODIUM *** COCOYL glutamic , CITRIC ACID, GLUCOSE , AROMA / FLAVOR *, SODIUM Citra, STEARYL CITRATE , Xanthan Gum , Disodium EDTA, GLUCOSE OXIDASE , lactoperoxidase . * Limonene . *** certified Ecocert

AQUA / WATER water
COCO -Glucoside *** emulsifier of vegetable origin highly sensitive from corn glucose and fatty alcohols and Coconut Palm
GLYCERIN vegetable glycerine humectant
SODIUM COCOAMPHOACETATE *** emulsifier of vegetable origin obtained by Cocco
Lauryl GLUCOSIDES *** surfactant of vegetable origin from wheat, potatoes , corn and Coconut
UNDECYLENOYL GLYCINE *** undecilenoil acid glycinate cleanses the skin , regulates sebum production and the formation of scaly skin .
Glyceryl Oleate *** surfactant obtained from vegetable glycerin and coconut Sunflower and Palm
Hydrolyzed HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM WHEAT PROTEIN quaternary ammonium salt of wheat protein interacts with the keratin of skin and hair with action conditioning and protective
Sodium lauryl carboxylate *** GLUCOSE , SODIUM COCOYL Glutamic *** surfactants of vegetable origin obtained by Cocco
CITRIC ACID natural acid pH adjuster
GLUCOSE glucose ( sugar) humectant
AROMA / FLAVOR mixture of pure natural essential oils obtained by distillation from wood and bark of spruce, pine and larch create an environment unfavorable to the proliferation of flora microbial cause of irritation
SODIUM CITRATE sodium citrate buffering agent
STEARYL CITRATE perlant natural
Xanthan Gum xanthan biopolisaccaride of fermented rheology modifier
Disodium EDTA chelating , sequestering
GLUCOSE OXIDASE glucose oxidase additive
Lactoperoxidase lactoperossidasi additive *** certified Ecocert