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Mud Dead Sea

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Mud Dead Sea
The properties of Dead Sea mud which natural treatment .
The peculiarities of its composition is given by thin ins..

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Mud Dead Sea
The properties of Dead Sea mud which natural treatment .
The peculiarities of its composition is given by thin insoluble mineral grains and interstitial solution containing soluble salts from the Dead Sea . These very fine granules make the sludge easier to apply, ensuring contact with the skin and explain the thermal properties , namely the slow release of heat in contact with skin.
In addition, the mud, for its absorbing components which remove all the impurities , allows a thorough cleansing of the skin giving it a healthy and relaxed . The therapeutic effect of the sludge is mainly due to factors such as thermal , chemical composition, salt concentration , osmotic pressure , electrical conductivity, mechanical stimulus . The mud acts with local mechanisms ( hyperemia , resolution of contractures , improved tropism of the connective joint) and general ( corrective action of metabolic disorders of connective , cartilage , and bone ).
It is assumed that some minerals can be absorbed percutaneously during treatment with the immersion in water or mud , without , however, is the mechanism of vehicle.
The Dead Sea mud is presented as a soft and gelatinous with thin and uniform grain , black, salty smell of / sulfuric acid and salty taste.
Pore water : 39%
Solid Minerals : 58 %
Organomineral : 3 % 100%
Solid minerals (60 %)
water-soluble Minerals halite (15-20 %) , aragonite
HCI -soluble Minerals (carbonate ), calcite (25-35 %) , mica dolomite (20-25 %)
HCI and water soluble minerals in quartz (10-15 %), kaolinite feldspar, montmorillonite
Chemical composition of interstitial water ( typical values) Cations Anions
Sodium chloride 30.0 181,200
Potassium Lithium 10.0 0012
Calcium sulfate 17.2 3400
Magnesium Bicarbonate 35.2 2800
Strontium Bromide 0.3 4200
Total salinity 280-330 g / l
Acidity - pH 6.5 - 7.5
Since 60% of insoluble mineral water, 39.5 % are soluble in 10% HCI and are called " carbon "and 20.5% to 10% are insoluble in HCI.
The black mud , is composed of silicates from the beneficial astringent .
With this concentration of beneficial substances are cured many skin conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo , acne, fungal infections and scleroderma .
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