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Iodex Active Man

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Iodex Active Man
Reducing treatment for prolonged release stomach and hips.
In the body of man is not all the calories they e..

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Iodex Active Man
Reducing treatment for prolonged release stomach and hips.
In the body of man is not all the calories they eat are burned, but part of it is used as an energy reserve .
Adipocytes , constituting the masses fat , accumulates in humans mainly in the hips and abdomen.
If this physiological phenomenon must be added the effects of overeating - when compared with normal biological needs - especially with regard to age or a sedentary lifestyle and stress, there is an aggravation of the phenomenon of accumulation of triglycerides with the appearance of imperfections caused by the masses localized fat on the abdomen and flanks . The massage with cream IODEX ACTIVE MAN is able to produce the following results:
supported by specific substances present in the compound , such as pure caffeine, iodine and the extract of Fucus Vesiculosus iodotrat encapsulated within a particular carrier natural AQUASHUTTLE " This will facilitate the permeation of active principles , and finally Cola and Guarana ( Paullinia Cupane ) , additional sources of caffeine and xanthine plant act synergistically with other components.
Toning and circulation
massage, assisted by functional ingredients such as extract of Ginkgo biloba extract Rusco , is able to promote the mobilization of excess fluid that accumulates in the tissues also enhance the tropism of the microcirculation .
the particular statement contained in IODEX ACTIVE MEN cream gives the skin a toned , firm, renewed. The skin is protected from damage that is often too intense stress and daily rhythms can cause. Thanks to a complete food, the skin is also more active in reducing skin problems like excess fat mass .
Massage the affected area with circular movements until completely absorbed. The redness that usually appears on the side where the cream was applied , and which disappears after a few minutes, is due to the action of active substances , which promote skin absorption components IODEX ACTIVE MEN cream .
Your continued use of IODEX ACTIVE MEN cream can achieve significant results within just 3 to 4 weeks depending on the extent of fat mass and individual response to the product.
Initially, the product must be applied at least twice a day to get settled and take appropriate action .
A result obtained is advisable to extend therapy not only to maintain but to promote a balanced state trophic tissue .
The constant application of the cream may cause some applications after the reduction or even disappearance of the heat.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow . Do not use before exposure to sun or tanning beds. Avoid contact with non-intact skin (abrasions , wounds and burns ).
PACKAGE 200ml Tube .