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Loffa Band Massage


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Band body massage
Convenient to reach the difficult parts like the back , for a uniform and effective cleaning

How is it processed ?
are mature they dry and can be collected . Then separate the seeds are found inside. Then proceed to peel , which consists in immersing the fruit in water to allow all'epicarpo ( skin) to soften , so they can be removed easily. Once peeled the fruit should be dried in the sun, so that the subsequent washing in water to remove any last remnants of flesh and peel.
At this point there is the sorting of the product after which each product is packaged in different forms.
Because the loofa is helpful in protecting the environment ?
The loofa , in addition to plant , it is also completely biodegradable , which means a notevo - Why is a viable alternative to sea sponges and synthetic ones for personal hygiene and home. Both the sea sponges and synthetic ones , cause environmental damage. In the case of sea sponges , in fact , their fishing alters the balance of the marine environment as well as depleting the species. In fact, they too are subject to closed seasons to allow for restocking. The synthetic sponges , however, are often made with polluting materials .
What exactly is the loofa ? Gender loofa (or loofah ) belong to different species and many local varieties. Those cultivated for the production of the loofa sponges are acutangulata that fruits accentuated with longitudinal grooves and Loof aegyptica (= L. - cylindre ca ) whose fruits are rather more compact and hard and have a uniform diameter and smooth. The loofa is a climbing plant that is sown in late March, which requires a lot of water, and therefore frequent and abundant irrigation .

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