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Goji Berries Bío

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Goji Berries Bio
Pack of 100g
Content (taken from wikipedia)
Some of the main substances contained in goji berries [1] :..

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Goji Berries Bio
Pack of 100g
Content (taken from wikipedia)
Some of the main substances contained in goji berries [1] :
betaine Beta -sitosterol Cyperone germanium Solavetivone Physalin zeaxanthin lutein
100 grams of product contain [1 ] :
Total Fat 5.7 g Saturated fat 1.1 g Protein 10.6 g Carbohydrates 21 g Sugars 17.3 g Sodium 24 mg Calcium 112.5 mg Iron 8.4 mg Crude fiber 7.70 g Vitamin C 306 mg Carotene 7.38 mg Amino acids 8.48 mg Vitamin B1 0.15 mg Polysaccharides 46.5 mg
It is the best antioxidant ORAC Table (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity ) : standardized exam adopted by the " U.S. Department of Agriculture " to measure the antioxidant power of certain foods .
Thanks to their low glycemic index and content of chromium , an element that aid for the transport of glucose in the blood, are also recommended for those suffering from diabetes.
Goji berries contain different types of carotenoids : 11 types of carotene , such as beta -carotene , alpha- carotene and lycopene and 7 substances similar to carotenes , but also the xanthophylls zeaxanthin , lutein and beta -cryptoxanthin . The carotenoids do not prevent , however, only the onset of certain diseases but also offer a protective effect against the increasingly aggressive rays UV.Già in the fifties it was possible to identify the carotenoids lutein and zeanxantina in abundant quantities in the macula, the central region of retina, which one offers the highest number of photoreceptors and gives us a vision as it were "high resolution " . It is in this particular region of the retina that receives the beams of light entering the eye and with them also the UV rays . The abundant amount of carotenoids helps to preserve the retina from the harmful effects of UV rays. Zeaxanthin in Goji Berries While lutein is present in many plants of food consumption, the presence of zeaxanthin is poor. Recent studies have documented that the daily intake of zeaxanthin is about 2-4 mg taken via food . The dried Goji berries contain 1:45 mg / g of zeaxanthin. A few grams of Goji Berries is therefore sufficient to meet the daily requirement of this carotenoids that creates a screen protector, a kind of sunglasses for the retina against UV UV.I carotenes have an effect on the whole positive even in the presence of cataracts , a degeneration that affects the eyes occurs in old age or in case of malfunctions such as diabetes . Cataract is opacification of the lens , the lens that allows us to focus on objects in our visual field . A cataract occurs when free radicals and glycation affect protein and fat content in the liquid lens . The goji berries , with their potential antioxidant, can help to protect the lens from free radicals . In a study conducted with goji berries has been observed a decrease of 20 % of the fat oxidized by free radicals in the retina in conjunction with a 80% increase of antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD ) .