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In this section pure saffron producers " Zafferano dell'Aquila DOP " belonging to the Consortium for the Protection of Zafferano dell'Aquila .

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The production area of the PDO includes a well-defined territory of the Province of L' Aquila covering the municipalities of Barisciano , Caporciano , Fagnano Alto , Fontecchio , L'Aquila , Molina Aterno, Navelli , Poggio Picenze , Prata d' Ansidonia , St. Demetrius in Vestini , S. Pio delle Camere , Tione degli Abruzzi , Villa S. Angelo. The boundaries of the area defined by the boundaries of areas of jurisdiction of these municipalities . area under cultivation will be carried out on those fields that are at altitudes between 350 and 1000 meters above sea level

Saffron that we sell on this site , has taken over time a reputation clear, authoritative , distinguished , in particular thanks to the excellence of its fragrance in the kitchen. Aquila saffron has been marketed as such in Italy and parts of northern Europe greatly contributed to the culinary art of Abruzzo.
Are also proposed pulp production Abruzzo , integral, extruded through bronze and kamut rigorosamante Organic .
Honey from local beekeepers in our city L'Aquila.

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