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Benessence by Nature Srl is a complete line of products for the care, beauty and health of the body based on real Aloe Vera juice.
A company that was born in a very favorable area to the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Driven by passion for the extraordinary virtues of the the project continues in Italy. Thanks to an establishment of modern and efficient production, Nature srl provides its users with quality products and the results tested, for beauty and body care.
The heart of the plant button, is the research and development laboratory - real excellence scientificae pride of the hotel.
The department of R & D consists of a valuable team of professionals: Doctors of Research and Food Science, in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies in Food Science and Technology, engaged daily in proposing new solutions that meet the needs of every consumer with unique priority: "100% natural products", supported by clinical studies and systematic quality controls.
The Benessence line differs for a particular: water, commonly used in cosmetic preparations, it is replaced by the Aloe Vera juice.
In practice, the basis in which the ingredients are dissolved and mixed together giving each product its specificity of action, is not simply water but the Aloe Vera juice.
The products of Benessence line therefore have a significantly higher quality level compared to all similar products that are on the market, for the greater amount of Aloe juice used and the nobility of the raw materials.
The products of Organic are free of petrochemical substances, not contiengono perfumes or silicones. Vegan products not tested on animals.

VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio 100

VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio 100


VeraSkin Gel Aloe Bio Packaging: 100 ml. The particular composition of this Aloe Vera Gel Organic vera skin makes it an excellent natural moisturizer..

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