To allow the digestive system to perform regularly all its complex functions should follow the rules for proper nutrition are summarized in the " food pyramid " .
The base of the pyramid is constituted by cereal that should never be missing from the diet and if possible should be consumed whole . Most of it is consumed refined grains , or the outside ( the germ and bran) are removed during processing , leaving only the rich in starch from which the white flour . Corn loses so many nutrients and protective substances , which instead are present in the germ and bran. Pasta and rice refined contribute to the rapid rise in blood sugar , what happens to a lesser extent with whole grains , with the presence of fiber in them that slow down your metabolism. Moreover cellulose and hemicellulose, which are rich in whole grains , contribute to stabilize , if not accelerate intestinal transit , as swelling of water in the intestine make up the volume of stool .
( National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition) .

Cereals in this section are the result of careful production from organic cultivation.

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