Oasis of Fontecchio

Located in a former tannery, in the historic center of Fontecchio, it represents a unique opportunity to discover the nature and history of this area and the Sirente Velino Regional Natural Park.
The structure has a visitor center, a wildlife area, aviaries, a wildlife recovery center, an equipped picnic area and a thematic trail on the water.
Visitor Center: Museum structure within which experiential educational workshops of environmental education are held for groups and schools.
Wildlife area, birds of prey and recovery center: the oasis is equipped with large enclosures inside which wild animals are housed in convalescence waiting to be reintegrated into nature. There are also two aviaries intended for specimens of nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey in need of treatment.
Equipped picnic area: wooden tables with seats positioned inside the Oasis, allow you to spend moments of absolute relaxation in close contact with nature.
Thematic route on water: after crossing the oasis with its small artificial lake and its resurgence, the route stops at the premises of the former tannery, then continues along a historic route, which in about a kilometer, leads in the valley floor where the Aterno river flows.