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Mixture of plants in capsules
Pack 100 op. - 380 mg / op.
Euphrasia powder, dried mullein extract, turmeric extract dry powder Plantain, THYME dust, dust sundew.
Physiological Purposes
The constituents in this product are natural carriers of the physiological systems regulating the normal tropism of the bronchial mucous membranes especially allowing for normal vascularization of surface structures with appropriate metabolic exchanges, a normal production quality and quantity of mucus secretions resulting in normal activities clearance, a normal activity of cellular and humoral defense mechanisms, a normal tone of smooth muscle cells maintaining a constant and effective gauge for metabolic exchanges, contrasting the stimuli broncostruzione by contact with allergens and / or chemicals in the workplace or daily life, or for penetration of bacteria and viruses.
Recommended dosage
2 capsules 2 -4 times a day

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