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True aloe Gel Screw + Tea Tree


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True aloe Gel Screw + Tea Tree
Confection: Tube from 200 mililiter.
The True Aloe is a plant that possesses important property also for for external use only: its antiinflammatory action renders it indicated for lenire the scottature solar or provoked from the contact with sources of heat and for every type of irritation. Its activity regenerating of the woven ones renders the guarigione faster than small wounds, abrasions, punctures of bugs; scientific studies have confirmed a its use like helping in the cure of the psoriasis. The employment of the True Aloe turns out therefore indicated in all the cosmetic preparations destined protect, to soften and to refresh the skin. The product moreover contains Vitamin and and Tea Tree Oil. The more interesting function of the Vitamin and is that one of protection against the oxidation of cutaneous lipids and therefore it prevents to the ossidativa degradation of constituent fat acids insaturi the cellular membrane phospholipids. The Tea Tree Oil is a derived essential oil from the distillation to vapor of the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia and is known for its antimicrobiche property.
Active ingredients:
Aloe Vera Barbadensis 99.9%; Tocopheryl acetate; Melaleuca alternifolia.

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