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Crea Plus 5


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Packaging: 120 capsules
TYPES OF CREATINE TOGETHER More creatine in your muscles More power , strength and energy your intensity increases
No need to load creatine stages We believe we have achieved the ultimate creatine ! The substance that has revolutionized the world of supplements is evolving again to help you reach your goal faster.
More muscle, more strength and power, most recovery! And without the need to " load "of creatine because it absorbs easily and is transported into your muscles very efficiently !
Contains less than 5 types of creatine ( creatine + creatine pyruvate + malate creatine ester etyl + + taurine creatine monohydrate creatine ) to give maximum efficiency in a combined action .
The addition of another 5 ingredients ( Arginine , Alpha- ketoisocaproate , Methionine , Glycine, and Potassium Phosphate ) 5 PLUS CREA make more powerful, more effective, making unnecessary the old comparable glucose loads .
Ingredients : Creatine ethyl ester , creatine malate , creatine taurine , creatine monohydrate , creatine pyruvate , potassium phosphate , chromium, L -Arginine Alpha- ketoisocaproate , L- glycine , L- methionine.
Warning: Do not exceed dosage. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet . The product should be kept out of reach of children under three years old.

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