Loyalty Points

The loyalty points & # 224; are assigned on the basis of the expenditure made, for each euro spent, a fidelity point accumulated. (Shipping costs not included)
Upon reaching a certain threshold of points the customer can & # 242; decide whether to redeem the points by deducting them from the total order according to the following scheme:
5 Euro Discount on Reaching 500 Points
10 Euro Discount on Reaching 1000 Points
15 Euro Discount on Reaching 1500 Points
20 Euro Discount on Reaching 2000 Points
25 Euro Discount on Reaching 2500 Points
30 Euro Discount on Achievement of 3000 Points
35 Euro Discount on Achievement of 3500 Points
40 Euro Discount on Reaching 4000 Points
The administration of La Spiga and Il Girasole can & # 242; decide to change and / or modify the expiry conditions of the points and their method of redemption, modifying and / or changing the methods & # 224; and to communicate it through the pages of the site.
Points Regulations

The accumulated points do not expire, they can be redeemed by the customer upon reaching the thresholds indicated above.
Points become effective when the order is closed and that is once the delivery has been made, after the checks on the actual delivery and payment will be made.
The customer can & # 242; check your accumulated points by logging into your account.
The Management reserves the possibility & # 224; to send emails to customers to inform about the status of the points and their use.
Reward Points can be redeemed in the next order chosen by the Customer, during payment by clicking on the appropriate window "Redeem Fedelt & # 224;" .


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