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La Spiga and Girasole comes from 'idea of its owner, with the intent to promote and educate people to a healthier lifestyle and healthy, the coexistence in our hectic times when we dedicate ourselves and care of our body, attacked more and more adverse weather conditions and an unhealthy way of life, trying to have closer contact with nature and she with us. All this is born from the Point of Sale "The Ear and The Sunflower" where you can find only and exclusively certified organic products, non-genetically modified animal testing for cosmetics, and organic farming. All products and references in the store, are studying a careful choice of suppliers and their work carried out. Aware that our society is steadily deteriorating under the terms of natural, nutritional and healthy, this brief introduction is dedicated to all those who want or have the intention to restore a balance between man and nature.
Our business is born of the will and passion to offer products of natural and organic origin. In particular, we market exclusively products derived from organic farming , phytocosmetic products natural cosmetics food supplements organic detergents herbalist shop Alternative Herb Blends formulated with substances wisely drawn from nature (plant extracts, essential oils, sebum-like non-comedogenic oils and butters, emulsifiers of vegetable origin not ethoxylates.
We have been promoting Herbal, Natural and Biological products for more than 15 years, our site has been online since 2006, we serve both from Italy and the countries of the European Community, and we always look for new high quality products to offer to our customers.
Since 2018 we are one of the Founders of the project "Bio Hemp Abruzzo" Project for the enhancement and cultivation of one of the most Ancient Products of the Earth, the Hemp, for which our country was one of the most important world producers until before the Second World War .
We believe in this project given that from Hemp it is possible to obtain the most varied raw materials, from fiber for textiles and construction, to oil for cosmetics and food, and for all other products that have many therapeutic properties.
Bio Canapa Abruzzo
Bio Canapa Abruzzo

We are creating the B2B Wellness Network, the only network dedicated to the sector, The companies that want to become part of this Simple and Revolutionary Concept of business, they simply Join, The Everything at the moment is Completely Free.

Our store on Via della Croce Rossa 65 to L'Aquila.


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