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Whey Protein A-WPC


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whey protein A-WPC
Like all products at the prevailing basic protein A-WPC Whey also have a function mainly plastic / structural. Howe..

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whey protein A-WPC
Like all products at the prevailing basic protein A-WPC Whey also have a function mainly plastic / structural. However, their carbohydrate content also provides a non-negligible energy intake. As is well known, proteins provide the majority of the "building blocks" (amino acids) are made of our muscles and become natural energy substrates only under very special conditions (eg, starvation).
It 'well known that the rate of absorption of amino acids and small peptides in the gastrointestinal tract differs substantially depending on the type of protein from which they derive. In this sense the Serumproteins A-WPC are able to provide the body with a very fast intake of amino acids. This is due to the presence in the product of whey protein alone. These have a residence time in the stomach relatively short and quickly enter into the small intestine, where the absorption of amino acids occurs. The degree of absorption of proteins, in general, can be put in relation to their degree of solubility. The Serumproteins A-WPC already in itself very soluble, are made even more soluble by a particular treatment of "spray drying technology."
According to its chemical and physical characteristics, the product is therefore able to provide the body with a plastic substrate / structural and energy at the same time, in a very short time (less than 45-60 minutes).
These features, combined with easy to digest and excellent flavor, make a food product from a comprehensive technical nutritional point of view and therefore eligible for all sports that require frequent integration protein and energy during the day. As regards the BodyBuilding, these proteins can be used in the first part of the preparation, while in the final stage or pre-tender should be gradually replaced by products with a higher protein content and lower content of carbohydrates (eg.: Top 100% , HMB Top Whey 90).
The high solubility of the product, derived from treatments of "instantaneizzazione" which has been subjected, is reflected in the fact that 30g dissolve easily and quickly (a few seconds) in 100ml of water or skimmed milk, cold.
WHEN: In endurance sports, after exercise, for the maintenance of muscle mass. In the sport of power during the entire day.
MODE OF RECRUITMENT AND DOSAGE: Dissolve 3 scoops corresponding (30 g of product) in 80-100 ml of water or skimmed milk. From 1 g per kg of body weight (endurance sports) up to 1.7 g per kg of body weight (power sports).
TASTE: Cocoa 750g
Nutrition information per 100 g G/30 (one dose) Energy: 391 kcal (1633 kJ) / 118 kcal (503 kJ) Protein (Nx6.25): 63.8 g / 19.1 g Carbohydrates: 17.6 g / 5.3 g Fat: 7.3 g / 2.2 g Vitamin C: 60 mg / 18 mg (22.5% RDA) Vitamin E: 10 mg / 3 mg (25% RDA) Vitamin B1: 1.4 mg / 0.42 mg (38% RDA) Vitamin B2: 1.6 mg / 0.48 mg (34% RDA) Vitamin B6: 2 mg / 0.6 mg (42% RDA) Vitamin B12 1 mcg / 0 , 3 mg (12% RDA) RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance