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Valerian Plus

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Valerian Plus
Pack: 100 op. -..

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Valerian Plus
Pack: 100 op. - 400 mg / op. Family: Valerianaceae Part used: rhizome root
Ingredients Powder 240 mg Valeriana officinalis, Valerian officinalis dry valerenici 0.43% acid 160 mg.
Active Essential oil (0.5-1.5%), bornyl acetate, the isovalerate,, caryophyllene, alpha and beta pinene, valerenale, valerenico acid, etc. .. eugenil isovalerate ; Valepotriati (iridoid): Valtra diidrovaltrati, isovaltrati, valerosidati, valeridina etc. ..; alkaloids: Valerina, valerianina, etc. .. actinidina, choline, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, beta-sitosterol, tannin, mucilage.
Physiological purpose The product supports the physiological functions of the nervous system and muscle contraction has a relaxing and soothing. For these actions promotes sleep and relaxation.
Use and dose Dry extract 200 - 1000 mg per day - 1 - 2 capsules 2-3 times daily
Notes At the doses recommended not only the obvious side effects prolonged use at excessive doses can cause headaches, restlessness, gastric irritation. Does not decrease the concentration in the guide. It can be taken by children and the elderly.