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Macadamia Soap Soapods
Sapindus Mukorossi
Walnut Soap
5 Bags of 1 kg
The tree 's soap sci..

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Macadamia Soap Soapods
Sapindus Mukorossi
Walnut Soap
5 Bags of 1 kg
The tree 's soap scientific name Sapindus mukorossi plant is very popular in South India. In spring the tree is decorated with beautiful white flowers, and fall , having reached the ripe which gives fruit a nice golden color, the harvest of walnuts . Later after being dried , are opened and removed the seed inside, wrapped in cotton
Gathered into the nut contains a substance called saponin , which has excellent detergent properties and is released from the nuts as they are brought into contact with water. They get 2-3 nuts in one of the bags reusable , and after connected is inserted between the laundry in the washing machine . No need to add fabric softener because the leaders maintain their natural softness . From time to time use of " sodium percarbonate ", because the substances contained in these nuts , there is no type of bleaching agent. All the benefits of the " nuts soap " :
- Cleanser 100% natural , no dyes or preservatives ;
- Delicate with colored garments ;
- Especially recommended for heads of babies and children and people with allergies or skin problems ;
- cheaper than conventional detergents ;
benefits of soapods nuts soap still are significant and numerous:
They are absolutely harmless for any skin type as 100% natural and no chemical additives. This allows their use even for those with allergies, dermatopathology and who still has skin problems.
They are economical . In fact, with its use and can save up to 50 % compared to detergent conventional .
Are effective. The clean obtained nuts usually corresponds as a minimum to that of other detergents, traditional or ecological they are.
They are not aggressive . Washing with the nuts washing keeps colors crisp and bright and protects tissues . In Nepal fact, is also the silk finer is washed in this way ! The saponin also does not corrode any part of the washing machine and prevents the formation of limestone.
They are environmentally friendly . In fact, the nuts do not pollute the water and a substance that grows continuously.
They are 100% biodegradable . Once exploited, the nuts can be tossed on the compost. Your garden you will thank !

Other ways of using the nuts soap soapods
Using the soaking water in which they were left a few nuts or prepare a decoction with 2-3 nuts in 2-3 cups of water you get a liquid soap that can be used in many ways :
Hand washing : decoction diluted in water, soak before rinsing .
liquid soap or shower gel : A strong concentrated decoction of nuts soap becomes a liquid soap for the skin, it can be distributed through the classic box soap .
Shampoo : A decoction of nuts soap gives a shampoo very tolerable and effective your hair will leave comb easy to and do not become fat.
cleaner natural cleaning Animal : decoction diluted in water ( do not use on cats)
detergent for cleaning of all types : in the kitchen or bathroom instead of chemical cleaners . Decoction used absolute or diluted in water.
dishwasher detergent : 1 nut in the basket for several washings.
Pesticide Plant : watering plants or spraying the leaves with decoction diluted you use the pesticide to saponin (exactly for this purpose the tree produces it ).
It ' an effective fight against pests and diseases without harming the plants themselves and pollution with chemicals. Excellent in organic farming , boosted also the biodynamic .
Tips : To prepare a decoction of nuts soap , fill a cooking pot little with a bit ' of water, add hours some shells of nuts and let it boil for five minutes .
It ' best to use a pot with a lid to speed up boiling and save energy. During boiling, the saponin contained in the shells of nuts melts and passes into the water. When everything has cooled, the decoction of nuts soap is ready for use. Depending on the purpose and personal preference can vary the concentration of the decoction , by varying the ratio shells of walnut and water.