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Royal Jelly


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Royal Jelly
Food supplement in liquid form that provides 300 mg of royal jelly per daily dose. Royal jelly has always been one of the most used natural remedies for a long time now. Rich in precious nutrients and without contraindications, royal jelly is a real "super food" capable of not only providing energy and support for the ..

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Royal Jelly
Food supplement in liquid form that provides 300 mg of royal jelly per daily dose. Royal jelly has always been one of the most used natural remedies for a long time now. Rich in precious nutrients and without contraindications, royal jelly is a real "super food" capable of not only providing energy and support for the organism in particular periods, such as in season changes, before demanding periods for students and professionals , in moments of profound tiredness, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating or recovering.
Much less used than honey, Royal jelly or jelly is a "prestigious" product secreted exclusively by worker worker bees, between the 5th and 14th day of adult life, as a secretion of some glands placed on their heads. It is a protein substance with a very high density of nutrients, pale yellow in color, with a characteristic odor and a rather acidic-sugary flavor, the production of which is the consequence of pollen supernutrition by bees. It is a food administered to all young larvae up to the third day of life and subsequently reserved only to those who must become the queen bees, "super food for the nobility", while the other bees (future males and workers) will receive a mixture of honey and pollen.
Bearing in mind that a queen has a life cycle of over five years, while a worker of about 45-90 days, the difference is essentially determined by the feeding of the queen bee. Aside from the water content, Royal Jelly contains 30 - 55% proteins and amino acids (17 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids). Among sugars they record the predominant fructose and glucose (from 33% to 43%), in proportions similar to those of honey. Other sugars present, but in minimal doses (below 10%), are sucrose and maltose.
It is a highly protein food containing 15-20% of excellent biological quality proteins complete with all the 8 amino acids essential for man, very favorable, thanks to its richness in proteins, to the growth and development of children. It contains an abundant portion of enzymes that help to aid digestion (see catalase, amylase, invertase, phosphatase) and have the function of digesting ribonucleases, deoxyribonucleases, proteins, lipids.
Lipids are mainly made up of fatty acids, including unsaturated fatty acid 10 - HDA, trans-10 hydroxy-D2-decenoic acid (present only in royal jelly) which have a very different structure than those of an animal nature. They have in fact fewer carbon atoms (between 8 and 10 instead of 14-20 of those of animal origin). Among the most important vitamins it contains are those of the B complex: thianmin B1, riboflavin B2, pantothenic acid B5, niancine, folic acid B9, PP, biotin, B12, inositol. Mineral salts are made up of potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese, as well as containing other less well-known micronutrients or the potential mechanism of action to be defined.
From the nutritional composition of royal jelly it is clear that this precious "super food" has always been defined and used as a tonic-tonic suitable for those with nutritional deficiencies, or for the elderly to have more energy and well-being, widely used for growing children and to students or sportsmen who need high levels of mental and physical performance. The intake of royal jelly is usually associated with a sense of general well-being, a completely natural elixir produced by the apices that can bring benefits in terms of the physical and intellectual performance of an athlete as well as a student, increasing resistance to fatigue and improving the ability to memorize, bringing more vigor and vitality to great help even in convalescence states. For all intents and purposes, tradition is considered a cure-all against the demineralization of the organism and its organic deterioration due to causes such as anemia or excessive thinness and various cases of malnutrition.
Its high concentration of nutrients contained it is commonly indicated both for the elderly and for children in the growth phase as an appetite stimulant, it facilitates the assimilation of food, improving the overall tone of the organism and the immune system. However, royal jelly is also an ally of stress-prone adults who feel weakened, tired, "under-toned", when the seasons change when you need an "extra gear".
The most valuable component of royal jelly is 10-hydroxydecenoic acid, an active ingredient, which together with roialisin (protein with antimicrobial properties) makes it a natural antibiotic, giving it good antiviral and antibacterial properties against various strains, which cause fever, cough, cold.
Furthermore, being the source of the B complex vitamins (in particular pantothenic acid B5 very useful for the health of skin and hair), it has an immunomodulating action, enhancing the immune system and modulating the production of antibodies, preventing cooling diseases and other types of infections. The presence of acetylcholine, a substance present in the nervous tissue, important in the transmission of impulses, provides royal jelly with a protective action on the nervous system, counteracting anxiety and sleep disturbances.
Further research has highlighted how daily intake of royal jelly can extend its tonic-restorative properties to other aspects of the body's health, acting favorably against blood pressure, boasting interesting effects on the reduction of "bad" LDL cholesterol, triglycerides. and offering greater control over blood sugar.
How to use: take 1 vial a day.
Net content: 100 ml. 10 vials
Nutritional information Per daily dose (1 vial) Per daily dose (1 vial), Royal jelly 300 mg Ingredients: water, fructose, freeze-dried royal jelly, flavoring, thickener: xanthan gum; preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate; acidifier: citric acid.

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