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Film: “Storie di una Famiglia per Bene"


8 Montagne

Educazione Fisica

Backstage Film

Il Generale Dalla Chiesa

Circeo Serie Tv

Charlotte Bradfer

Studio Battaglia Serie

Julio Cesar Film

Film Ginevra Elkann


AIPT Serie

Septimo Film

Dostoyévskiy Film

Arte Della Gioia Serie tv

Per Amore di una Donna Film

Il Figlio del Secolo serie tv

Another End

Padud Film

Miss Fallaci Film

Paradox Effect

“Napoli-New York” di Gabriele Salvatores

"Six Brothers"

The plot of the new film, "Six Brothers", is still shrouded in mystery, but we know that it will be produced from Greenland and shot in Rome until June. The names of the protagonists have not yet been revealed.


'Nineteen', this is the name of the film produced by Luca Guadagnino's Frenesy company with the support of the Toscana Film Commission, and directed by Giovanni Tortorici, at his debut. The shooting of the film will take place mainly in Siena, it began on Monday 8 May and will continue until the beginning of June, touching the symbolic places of the city.

“The film tells the story of a nineteen-year-old young man from Palermo who spends his first year of university moving from the Economics faculty in London to Siena to study letters, in search of the best University. – Explained Agustina Costa, executive producer of 'Nineteen'. – 'It is an introspective journey through the protagonist's memories, which shows the maturation of a character in search of his place in the world". The protagonist's journey unfolds through various Italian cities, but the setting is mainly Sienese.

"The End" Film (In Progress)

"Tv Series A Prophet" (In Progress)

"50 km per hour"

Colorado Film in, in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, has opened the selections for small roles and figures to be included in the film 50 km per hour by Fabio De Luigi, with Stefano Accorsi.

"Battle Study 2"

Battle Studio 2: the plot of the new season!

Studio Battaglia has been confirmed for a second season. After the success of the first cycle of episodes, rumors began to circulate about the new season. Director Simone Spada.

"Lydia 2"

Lidia Poët will have a second season. Giving precise confirmation of the return of the Netflix series on the first woman to become a lawyer in Italy is the announcement of a casting in which Groenlandia srl is looking for extras and special figures for Netflix.

They Killed Spider-Man

They killed Spider-Man, the true story of the 883 coming soon on Sky

'They Killed Spider-Man - The True Story of the 883' is coming soon to Sky, with Elia Nuzzolo in the role of Max Pezzali and Matteo Oscar Giuggioli in the role of Mauro Repetto. Here's what we know to date (and the first official photo from the set).

Hey Joe

The filming of the film "Hey Joe" directed by Claudio Giovannesi is underway in Acquamorta today.
The director is already known for having directed some important award-winning works such as Gomorra the series, Fiore, Alì has blue eyes and La Paranza dei Bambini.
The film "Hey Joe" tells the story of Dean Barry, an American sailor who lands in Naples after the war in 1944 and falls in love with Lucia, a young Neapolitan. After two years of service, Dean must return to the United States, leaving Lucia pregnant in Naples.
In the 1980s, Dean returns to Naples to find Lucia and her son, but finds himself faced with a city very different from the one that he remembered and begins a desperate search to find his family. The film explores the challenges, secrets and surprises that time has reserved for Dean and his family, highlighting the love and hope that have shaped their lives.

The Bad Guy 2

filming in Palermo of 'The Bad Guy 2' with Luigi Lo Cascio


Filming begins in October on the second season of The Bad Guy, a successful series produced by Indigo Film for Prime Video with Luigi Lo Cascio in the role of Nino Scotellaro, a Sicilian public prosecutor involved in the fight against the mafia is accused of being part of the system he has always fought. For this reason he decides to plan a ruthless revenge.

The cast also includes Claudia Pandolfi in the role of the lawyer Luvi Bray, wife of Scotellaro and daughter of Paolo Bray, murdered at the hands of the mafia.

Marconi Project

Stefano Accorsi will play Guglielmo Marconi in a miniseries directed by Lucio Pellegrini

Filming of the miniseries will start in the next few weeks in the Bologna area. The project has the support of the Marconi Foundation.

Stefano Accorsi will play Guglielmo Marconi, the famous pioneer of telecommunications via radio waves, in a miniseries directed by Lucio Pellegrini. Filming will begin in autumn and will take place at Villa Griffone, in the Bologna area, home to the museum of the great inventor whose 150th anniversary will be celebrated next year since his birth. The project has the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, Apt Servizi, the Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory and the Municipality of Sasso Marconi and the collaboration of the Marconi Foundation.


Filming begins on the film “Vermiglio or the mountain bride”, the second work by the talented director Maura Delpero. The film is produced by Cinedora and Charades, with the precious contribution of the Ministry of Culture and the support of IDM Film Commission Südtirol. The cast will include Tommaso Ragno, Carlotta Gamba, Giuseppe De Domenico and Sara Serraiocco.

“Vermiglio or the mountain bride” is set in Italy towards the end of the Second World War and tells the story of three sisters who live in a small mountain town. Their path of transformation and growth is influenced by the arrival of a soldier.

How Human He is

The plot of "How is he human", the Rai film about Paolo Villaggio

From nocturnal raids with a very young Fabrizio De André to his work as an employee, up to his career: what the TV film produced for Rai and also shot in Genoa will tell The feature film begins in Genoa, in the second half of the 1950s. Paolo Villaggio and his "gang" of friends from the Genoese bourgeoisie, made up of a very young Fabrizio De André, the "Polio", a literature professor in a wheelchair and Piero, Paolo's different twin, carry out their playful nocturnal raids. But while Polio and Piero work and study during the day, Paolo and Fabrizio sleep and in their spare time compose songs such as "i Fannulloni" and "Carlo Martello". Paolo, a law student with a blank transcript, gets Maura, his girlfriend, pregnant and marries her in the town hall dressed in a t-shirt, clogs and swim shorts


Battlefield”: Casting for the new film directed by Gianni Amelio Set in the midst of the First World War, the scenes of the film will be shot in various locations in the city, including the Tobacco Factory in the Borgo Sacco district.< /p>

The Great Ambition

“The great ambition”. A considerable budget, Vivo Film, Jolefilm and Rai Cinema behind the scenes and the screenplay written together with Marco Pettenello, for the biographical story of Enrico Berlinguer's private and public life, from the trip to Sofia in 1973 until to the speech of the National Unity Day in Genoa in 1978, which should have been filmed this year.

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