Herbal Cigarettes for Film and Theater and other Productions

Golden Eagle cigarettes and smoking blends are the preferred and sought-after brand of herbal cigarettes by actors, actresses and screenwriters around the world.
Our nicotine and tobacco free herbal cigarettes are a great and healthier substitute for real cigarettes in movies. Golden Eagle always delivers the high quality and taste our customers have come to expect.
Specialized products for screenwriters and directors. We are here to help you with your shopping listen and offer products to satisfy the film industry.
A traditional cigarette with a brown filter. A universal cigarette that can be used in all types of productions. Create some smoke for visual effect.
Always Tobacco and Nicotine FREE; composed of Mullein (Verbascum), Red Clover (Trifolium pratens), Nettle (Urtica Dionica), Damiana (Tumera Diffusa), Blackcurrant Leaves (Ribes Nigrum). Each pack contains 20 Pieces.
Herbal Cigarettes

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