Spindles of Lavender

Lavender spindles

The oasis spindles are interwoven wool and lavender flowers.
They are made by hand using lavender from the Fontecchio botanical garden and wool of different colors. They are all unique pieces.
They can be used as perfumers for drawers, wardrobes, the environment, cars, favors, placeholders etc ... They only scent if activated and stop doing it after a few hours.
To activate a spindle, simply rub it in your hands and you will hear an explosion of fragrance. The spindles also last a few years. In addition to keeping moths and mites away, lavender is a plant with a sedative and calming effect on the nervous system, to be used in case of anxiety, agitation, nervousness, headache, stress and insomnia.
Available in the following variants:
1) bag with 1 lavender spindle 6 €
2) bag with 1 spindle and lavender bag € 7
3) bag with 2 spindles and 1 bag of lavender € 13
4) bag with 5 bags of lavender 7 €
5) decorated spindle 8 €
6) rigid package with 2 spindles and 1 bag € 14
7) rigid package with 2 spindles and key ring Oasis € 15
8) rigid package with 2 spindles and Oasi magnet € 15
9) spindles in the same color perfect as a placeholder or wedding favor, minimum 10 pieces for € 5 each.
10) Rigid Packaging with 8 Lavender Bags 10 €

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