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Line Juveniis born in Sardinia, drawing inspiration and obtaining raw materials from a land of incomparable beauty, rich in tradition and passion for authenticity.
COMPONENTS The extraordinary flora in particular gives us the essential components, precious oils extracted from plants with unique properties, which we employ for our variety of beauty and wellness.
WARRANTY The commitment is translated into beauty and quality of the very essence of these plants. We want you to live in safety the extraordinary experience of feeling close to nature, drawing a steady club with certified products, healthy and natural, respecting the health of humans, animals and the environment.
We love animals, no test cruel
Always Juveniis each team has matured within him a love of nature and animals, translated into balance and respect. Approaching the world of cosmetics we inevitably clashed with the reality of the experiments and tests on animals, in which raw materials and finished products were subjected.
Now the law has finally changed: in addition to stop animal testing for finished products (established in 2004), there is in fact a ban on animal testing for substances of cosmetic use. Remains obviously all a history of millions of raw materials that have already been tested.
We research and choose raw materials tested by alternative methods, not on animals. We do not use raw materials derived from animal and test our finished products, after assessing their safety, on men and women volunteers.
Juveniis want to remember with his work and with its products that respect for nature and all living beings is vital to maintain balance in the ecosystem and keep us in harmony with ourselves and with the environment around us.

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