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Mini Grow Kit for Mother Plant Maintenance


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Indoor kit to keep mother plants
In the Mini Grow Kit for Mother Plants there are all the useful tools for the expert grower who inten..

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Indoor kit to keep mother plants
In the Mini Grow Kit for Mother Plants there are all the useful tools for the expert grower who intends to keep small plants healthy in anticipation of future cloning / taleggi. What is a mother plant? (Read the article)
Fertilizers for mother plants
The kit includes nutrients and enzymes to be supplied to plants during the maintenance period. Thanks to the nitrogen fertilizer for growth (GROW), the right amount of NPK elements is provided to nourish the plant from the trunk to the leaves; enzymes will help keep the substrate active and clean from excess mineral salts and degrade dead plant material, creating useful space for root growth. Micro Grow Box included
Included in the Mini Grow Kit for Mother Plants is the micro Mammoth PRO 40 growbox (40x40x120cm) which guarantees a cultivation space isolated from the outside and safe for plants. Growbox set up with all the accessories for indoor cultivation such as: in-line extractor for air treatment, thermohygrometer to control temperature and humidity, LED lighting system and pots with professional soil. Phytostimulating LED lamp
The Sonlight PAR38 Grow Booster is a compact lamp that consumes little developed to increase the vegetative phase of plants in indoor and hydroponic cultivation. It produces a high PAR light intensity, ideal for giving a boost in the growth phase.
< What does the "Mini Grow Kit for Mother Plant Maintenance" include:
Mammoth Lite Micro - 40x40x120cm
Mammoth Lite Micro - 40x40x120cm is a mini Grow Box ideal for growing aromatic plants and orchids. Sonlight PAR38 Grow + E27 + Schuko cable 2 meters
Indoor LED lighting kit which includes Sonlight PAR38 Grow Booster lamp (6400 ° K), ceramic connection with E27 pitch and 2 meters cable with die-cast schuko plug. Complete set with low consumption growth stage lamp for indoor cultivation in small spaces (Micro Growing). Analog Timer STEP 15min
Mechanical timer with daily programming. Power supply 230V - 50hz Load resistance 16A - 250V Load power 3500W For timing lighting systems, hydroponic systems, etc. Square pot 2,4L - 13x13x18cm (2 pcs.)
2,4L square pot with mesh bottom - 13x13x18cm Soil Atami Janeco Light-Mix 20L
JanecoMix is ​​a soil with a stable pH, very lightly fertilized and enriched with perlite. The light fertilization allows the plants to start growing from the very first stage. Cellmax TERRA Grow Mix 1L
CELLMAX TERRA GROW and CELLMAX TERRA BLOOM Single component, contains nitrogen, extra potassium, phosphorus and trace elements and chelates of rapid absorption. Cellmax - AllZymes 250ml
BLAUBERG TUBO-10cm in-line extractor 102 m3 / h
The in-line air extractor Tubo, thanks to its cylindrical shape can be installed directly in the duct. Digital thermometer / hygrometer LCD display
Digital instrument for detecting the temperature and humidity of the environment with recording of the recorded min and max temperature and the recorded min and max humidity rate. Built-in clock. Power cable 200cm with Schuko plug
200cm long cable with Standard Schuko plug. It can be used to connect the power supply to the domestic socket or any other element such as air extractors, fans, control units, etc . Technical specifications:
Watt 36 W Type LED lamp Sonlight manufacturer Dimensions 40 x 40 x 120 Cm Cultivation area 40x40 Number of plants 1-2