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Decorticated Mile
The Mile is known to be the ideal food for canaries, and ignoring the nutritional properties contained in it useful ..

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Decorticated Mile
The Mile is known to be the ideal food for canaries, and ignoring the nutritional properties contained in it useful to human body. It is assumed that originates in the Indian Archipelago and has been cultivated in China several thousand years ago.
It is still very widespread in Asia and Africa, while in Europe the cultivation for food went progressively decreasing following the spread of maize. In northern Italy, polenta millet was a typical dish of the region of Veneto and Lombardy, was a grain used in the Middle Ages during periods of abstinence from meat and in times of severe difficulty of subsistence. For example, in 1378, Venice, besieged by the Genoese, was saved thanks to the miles it has in its stores (this grain can be stored for a long time, even for twenty years).
The grain to be consumed by man should be freed from the tough exterior, and then decorticato.L 'elimination of the outer part, ie the husk, it involves the elimination of substances of interest to our diet and is certainly not comparable to the elimination peripheral layers of other cereals. The mile is one of the foods rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and silicon. It has a high content of protein and is considered beneficial for the spleen and the lymphatic system. Excellent in cases of acidosis and loss of appetite, millet has a high content of salicylic acid, which has a stimulating effect on skin, hair, nails and tooth enamel. It contains vitamins A and B, and its high content of choline and lecithin makes it particularly suited to sedentary people, is considered an excellent tonic.
Millet beans, before cooking, should be thoroughly washed several times, then throw in the wash water with the help of a strainer to avoid losing the tiny grains, so for a cup of millet are added two to two cups and through water (depending on the wish to obtain a mile or more dry and grainy creamy), a pinch of salt and bring to boil.
When the food bubble, lower the flame (always better to use a spargifiamme to make more even cooking) and cook gently over low heat for about twenty minutes (depending on the consistency that you want to get the miles, you cook a few minutes less if you want a more compact grain, a few more minutes if you want a creamier food), the pot should not be uncovered, or the food has to be reshuffled.
E 'useful to use steel pots with the bottom very often, so not only prevents the food adheres to the pot, but it' s possible to decrease the time of boiling, because the heat stored and contained in the pot allows the food to continue cook evenly and sweet. Like all cereal millet can be cooked alone or with some vegetables. Its sweet taste is accompanied by leeks onions, carrots, zucchini and pumpkins.
It blows up a leek in a little olive oil, just enough to grease the bottom of the pan. The cold-pressed oils can be used to enclose and retain the properties in foods and not to make them heavier. Add a cup of pumpkin bump, you cook for several minutes and then pour two cups of miles (bearing in mind that the miles doubled in volume, you can adjust the quantity you wish to prepare), we can add to taste aroma pleasing to us more like rosemary, sage, bay leaf, etc..
This dish seasoned with soy sauce is very invigorating, nourishing and calming to the spleen and the lymphatic system, the amount of complex sugars that are contained in it. With the miles you can prepare delicious soups, delicious cream soups, croquettes and casseroles.
Ingrdienti: Mile from organic farming. Packaged in protective atmosphere
Cooking in 25 minutes without soaking.
Pack of 500g
Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy Value 350kcal
Protein 10g
CHO 72gr
2.5 g fat