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Kit Agro 250w Indoor Sonlight


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Agro 250w Indoor Kit - Sonlight
Also suitable for autoflowers, this setup is ideal for each phase
This Easy Indoor Lighting Pac..

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Agro 250w Indoor Kit - Sonlight
Also suitable for autoflowers, this setup is ideal for each phase
This Easy Indoor Lighting Pack is a complete 250w AGRO kit that includes everything you need to grow indoors in your grow box. The 250W Easy Green Power magnetic power supply included in the box is compatible with hps lamps, Agro lamps and MH lamps. The power supply of the indoor light kit is equipped with thermal safety protection that stops the flow of current due to overloads, short circuits and overheating. Indoor kit with Agro 250w lamp
This complete set for indoor lighting allows anyone, experienced and non-expert growers, to start indoor cultivation in a very simple way, just follow the few instructions for assembly, about 5 minutes.
The sour light inside the indoor lamp kit is one of the most powerful and rich in lumens on the market and guarantees an excellent result both in the growth phase and in the flowering phase.
What does the "Agro 250w Indoor - Sonlight Kit" include:
Magnetic Power Supply 250W Easy Green Power - HPS - MH - AGRO
250 Watt magnetic ballast for HPS, MH and AGRO "Easy Green Power" lamps. Compensates for power surges and includes the lighter. It improves the performance of the indoor cultivation lamp. AGRO 250W Sonlight Lamp - Growth and Bloom
Sonlight AGRO 250W lamps for indoor cultivation are specific lamps for the growth and flowering phases of plants. These bulbs release a rich and nutritious spectrum of light reaching 35,000 Lumens. They have been designed to speed up the photosynthesis process and bring it to maximum results, moreover these plant lamps thanks to SLP technology reduce the rate of early failures.
Power cable 200cm with Schuko plug
200cm long cable with Standard Schuko plug. It can be used to connect the power supply to the domestic socket or any other element such as air extractors, fans, control units, etc.
Hammered LONG-GLOSS 50 V reflector
50 V longloss reflectors are incredibly powerful, efficient and versatile. They can be placed very close to plants, increasing efficiency without limiting the area of ​​action. Extension 200cm Power supply-> 1.5mm reflector x 3 Poles
Extension of 2 meters. It can be used to connect the lamp to the power supply. Equipped with copper tips for easy and safe tightening.
Technical specifications:
Plants 3-4 Watt 250 W Cultivation area 1 m² Sonlight manufacturer