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Hemp flowers and inflorescences

Sativa Canapa is a plant with a thousand resources, from which fiber, seeds and flowers can be obtained. Many raw materials such as fabric yarn, bio-building products, food oil, cosmetic or curative products such as CBD oil can be obtained from the processing.
Flowers also extract substances that may have a therapeutic approach to many pathologies, or be used as a spice for the production of beers, infusions and herbs.
We have chosen carefully various high quality industrial cannabis producers, cultivated with natural or organic methods, both outdor and indoor.
All products are permitted for uses under Law 242/16 and are listed in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species. Not a stunning product. THC Within the limits of the law. It is to be understood only for research and development, technical use or collection. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Children under 18 are prohibited.

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