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GREENFIELD Premium Collection Set


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Premium Tea Collection Set

30 different types of tea for 4 bags per tipoligia for a total of 120 bags in a comfortable and elega..

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Premium Tea Collection Set

30 different types of tea for 4 bags per tipoligia for a total of 120 bags in a comfortable and elegant packaging to book.

Golden Ceylon. Excellent Ceylon black tea from the region of Ruhunu, Ingredients: black tea from Ceylon loose. (4x2g).

Premium Assam, Famous Indian black tea from the legendary plantation of Assam. Ingredients: Indian black tea in bulk, (4x2gX).

Classic Breakfast. Indian black tea with an intense flavor. Ingredients: Indian tea in bulk, (4x2g).

End Darjeeling. Excellent Indian tea from the mountains of Darjeeling. Ingredients: Indian tea in bulk. (4x2g).

Magic Yunnan. Excellent Chinese tea from the province of Yunnan. Ingredients: black tea Chinese bulk (4x2g).

Delicate Keemun. Excellent Chinese tea from the province Anhoi day. Ingredients: black tea Chinese bulk (4x2g).

Kenyan Sunrise, Excellent Kenyan black tea from the county of Kericho, ingredients: black tea Kenyan bulk (4x2g)
Earl Grey Fantasy. Ceylon black tea with bergamot, ngredienti: Tea black loose, natural bergamot flavor. (4x2g).

Who-fell Toffee. Black tea flavored chocolate toffee. Ingredients: black tea in bulk, cocoa husks, natural chocolate flavor (4x2g).

Milky Oolong, Excellent Chinese oolong tea with milk flavor, ingredients; oolong tea, mallow and aroma. (4x2g).

Flying Dragon. Chinese green tea from g ^ I'm rich. Ingredients: Chinese green tea in bulk. <4x2g>.

Japanese Sencha. Excellent tea verce from the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Ingredients: Japanese green tea in bulk, (4x2g).

Jasmine Dream. Excellent Chinese green tea flavored with jasmine. Ingredients: Green tea loose with the natural flavor jasmine petals. (4x2g).

Creamy Rooibos, Tea herbal flavor and aroma of orange and vanilla. Ingredients: rooibos, coronella, orange peel, orange cream flavor natural. (4xl, 5g).

Rich Camomile. Herbal teas flavored with cinnamon and apple aroma. Ingredienthfiori chamomile, cinnamon, dried apples, apple flavor with natural cinnamon, (4xl, 5g).

Mate Aguante. Excellent Paraguayan herbal tea flavored with citrus, ingredients: tea tree (Paraguayan tea), lemon grass, grapefruit natural flavoring, (4x1,5g).

Summer Bouquet, Great herbal teas flavored raspberry. Ingredients: hibiscus, rose hips, dried apple, raspberry flavoring, pieces of raspberries. (4x2g).

Red Ginger, Excellent herb infused flavored ginger. Ingredients: hibiscus, rose hips, dried apples, ginger and natural apple flavoring. (4x2g).

Festive Grape. Excellent herb infused flavored grapes. Ingredients; hibiscus, rose hips, dried apples, leaves leaves, grapes natural flavoring (4x2g).

Lotus Breeze, Chinese Green tea flavored with mint and lotus flowers. Ingredients: Green Tea in bulk, mint leaves, natural flavor of lotus flowers, (4x1,5g).

Green Melissa. Chinese green tea flavored with lemon grass and mint aroma and lemon. Ingredients: green tea in bulk, lemon balm and mint, lemon natural aroma there. (4xl, 5g).

Tropical Marvel. Chinese green tea with ginger, pineapple and pineapple flavor. Ingredients: Green tea, black currant leaves, dried apple, lemon grass, ginger, pineapple, flavor pineapple. (4x2g).
Mango Delight. Chinese white tea with apple, mango and mango flavor, ingredients: white tea in bulk, dried apple, mango pieces, natural flavoring mango. (4x1,8g).

Blueberry Nights. Excellent black tea with blueberries and cream flavor. Ingredients: black tea, hibiscus, blueberry and natural flavors of cream, mauve petals, blueberry, (4x1,5g).

Christmas Mystery, Ceylon black tea with spices and citrus aroma. Ingredients; Black tea in bulk, cinnamon, cloves, dried apples, natural flavors of lemon and oranges, (4x1,5g).

Easter Cheer. Excellent Indian tea with verbena, citrus and caramel flavor. Ingredients: Black Tea, lemon verbena, mint, lemon and orange peel, lemon flavor and aromas of caramel (4x1,5g).

Barberry Garden. Indian black tea with berries and flavor of barberry. Ingredients: black tea in bulk, hibiscus, berries of barberry, cornflower petals, natural aroma of barberry. (4x1,5g).

Lemon Spark. Ceylon black tea with Scerza and lemon taste. Ingredients: black tea in bulk, lemongrass, lemon peel and orange, lemon flavor natural. (4x1.5g).

Vanilla Wave. Black tea with herbs, pieces of apricot and vanilla flavor. Ingredients; Loose black tea, cinnamon, pieces of apricot, marigold petals, aroma of natural vanilla. (4x1,5g).