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Glucozin -Zinc gluconate


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  • Manufactured by: Cento Fiori

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Glucozin -Zinc gluconate

mineral present in muscle and liver is part of the bones and teeth. Performs several biological functions that make possible the action of many enzymes. Along with copper enhances the action of super ossidido dismutase which converts free radicals into hydrogen peroxide ( hydrogen peroxide ) . Involve..

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Glucozin -Zinc gluconate

mineral present in muscle and liver is part of the bones and teeth. Performs several biological functions that make possible the action of many enzymes. Along with copper enhances the action of super ossidido dismutase which converts free radicals into hydrogen peroxide ( hydrogen peroxide ) . Involved in formation of protein, some hormonal and nervous system functions in the processes of growth and repair of tissue damage and immune defense. Its presence is indispensable for the optimal metabolism of phosphorus , for the digestion of carbohydrates, for nucleic acid synthesis and absorption of vitamins. zinc also depends on the formation of male sperm and female ovum . Promotes the formation of insulin. Zinc deficiency also leads to serious disturbances in metabolism. Zinc deficiency can cause the anti - MAO , corticosteroids , diuretics and others. Excessive alcohol can cause a zinc deficiency because this mineral is part of the enzyme needed to break it down . Inhalation or ingestion of cadmium, as with smoking , does not allow optimal use of zinc. Some foods and minerals in the diet such as cereals raw fibers, milk casein , iron, calcium and copper, reducing the amount of zinc absorbed from the gut . Too much zinc can prevent the absorption of iron and copper. The daily requirement in adults is approximately 55 mg.
Packaging: 100 op. - 290 mg / op .
Ingredients :
60 mg zinc gluconate , horsetail ( Equisetum arvense - drums sterile ) powder 230 mg
Zinc: Zinc is one of the most abundant minerals in the subsurface , especially in volcanic soils , which during evolution has been incorporated as the active component in more than 200 enzymes, molecules that are necessary for all cellular functions . Not accidentally , the pineal gland contains a high amount of zinc . Intestinal absorption of zinc and its use steadily decline during aging . Taking Zinc can itself correct this deficiency and increase mightily , immunity . However, we suggest the combination of melatonin and zinc so as to greatly improve and accelerate the incorporation of zinc and normalization of its levels in the blood parameters on youth . Zinc orotate ensures better absorption
Yeast, Oyster, herring, mushrooms, wheat bran , oats complete , wheat germ , pork liver , liver veal, lamb , peas , beef, nuts. Sunflower seeds, shellfish , soy, spinach , bran, germ, WHEAT , YEAST , FISH , SOY grain products , oysters , liver , anchovies , parmesan cheese, parmesan cheese, rabbit, sardines, chickpeas , beans , lentils , gorgonzola , walnuts , Almonds, growth , shellfish , fish , fruit and vegetables , eggs , milk , cheese , butter , wheat , legumes , whole grains,
Zinc in food per 100 grams
Horse 6 mg , 3.90 sheep liver , calf 3.50. OYSTERS 20 to 100 mg Lentils 2 to 9 mgr , 5:50 g wheat , whole wheat frarina 5:50 mg, 3.00 mgr oats , whole wheat toast 3.00, 3.20 mgr whole wheat flour , wheat germ 2.00, 1.70 mg miles , and many other products , oysters , egg yolk ,
List all foods that contain Zinc
Horse, liver, mutton , veal , ham , pork , beef, oysters , eel , snail , mussels , crab , shrimp , hake , milk powder , egg yolk, milk woman , cow milk , wheat, whole wheat flour , Oats , wheat bread interal , whole wheat flour , corn flour , barley, corn germ , white bread , corn , wheat germ , millet , brown rice , whole wheat flour , rye flour, rye , buckwheat , rye flour , polished rice , beans , peas , soybeans , lentils, beans , cabbage, cooked onion , garlic , spinach , lettuce , mushroom farming , asparagus , carrot , potato , eggplant, Jerusalem artichoke , tomato , leek , celery turnip , pumpkin , chicory , cucumber , radish , watercress, green beans , turnips , onions, parsnips , wine , beer , pineapple , fig, banana, loquat , orange , lemon , pear , cherry , blueberry , apple , grape, melon , grapes plug , strawberry , tangerine , plum , peach, walnut , almond dry , hazelnut , dried fig , dried banana , chestnut , date, dried apricot.
SYNERGETIC with vitamin A, K, Magnesium , Manganese , Vit . E, B1 , B2 , Chromium , Vit . B6 , Vit . C , potassium , Vit . B3 , B5
Antagonist, Lead, vit . B1 , Sodium , B10 , potassium, Ni, vit . And , Hg , Calcium, vit . D , Iron , Copper , Vit . B12 , Cd .
Daily dose , 10 to 25 mg, 15 mg, 20-100 mg therapeutic dose toxicity ' unknown , zinc sulphate , zinc acetate , zinc gluconate , zinc citrate , zinc chelate , dipicolinato zinc , zinc aspartate , Zinc orotate
Participates in cell renewal , promotes the activity of the pancreas , promotes cell division by promoting the renewal of skin tissue, and ' essential to the synthesis of keratin, from cystine stimulates the activity ' of osteoblasts , cells that produce the basic substance bone , collagen
Sign up in about 20 enzymes, and influences at least another 80. Has roles in protein synthesis and the nucleic acids in the absence of zinc does not form its ' DNA will ' RNA , it is the mechanisms of transport and utilization of carbohydrates, has antioxidant , protects against free radicals, and ' a valuable nutrient for skin and scalp. Necessary to maintain the sense of taste and smell . Promotes wound healing and activates the immune system . It ' an essential trace mineral , an important trace element after iron . And ' present in all tissues
Liver cells contain the highest rate of zinc in order of importance is the pancreas , the sex glands , the endocrine glands
Regulates the immune system , regulates the carbonic anhydrase, the digestion of carbohydrates , functionality ' prostate , development of the genital organs , spermatogenesis , metabolism of phosphorus . Protein synthesis. Increases potency , regulating testosterone in the prostate , helps the view in the elderly. Helps rheumatoid arthritis , in alcoholism , schizophrenia , in arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis , in prostatitis in night blindness , in acne , in burns , dermatitis , eczema , wounds , lowering cholesterol, indicated in atherosclerosis , in atherosclerosis , diabetes, leukemia , Hodgkin 's disease , delay in sexual activity , the immaturity of the sexual organs , in impotence, menstruation , in infertility , pregnancy , lack of hair in the body against body odors In cold, helps a weak immune system , helps in growth retardation in ulcerations.
Zinc stimulates the pancreas islets of Langerhans for the processing of insulin, and therefore an imbalance causes an imbalance in the metabolism of carbohydrates resulting DIABETES, zinc deficiency also causes prostate cancer and prostatic adenomas , zinc is essential for ' pituitary
For a good cancer preventive therapy requires a good supply of copper, zinc, magnesium (never exceed recruitment, because the effects would be harmful ) Lands with high levels of zinc induce cancer epigastric three times higher than normal incidence. ( FEEL ALWAYS THE GP )
Like selenium, zinc is an anti-radical - free, it is essential to the functioning of the SUPER - OSSIDO. - Dismutase , an enzyme that protects our cells superoxide ions , also has a function on the hepatic metabolism of vitamin A, is an excellent antidegenerativo and anti - inflammatory, is a catalyst of pituitary function is never prescribed alone , participates in the processing and storage and use insulin, a prescription is essential in the presence of diabetes . The Gustine is a hormone linked to zinc deficiency because its inducela loss of sense of taste. By Timoline exerts an action on the immune system , stimulates growth hormone, its deficiency causes spermatogenesis , and collapse of testosterone and estrogen . Join the secretions of the sebaceous glands .
deficiency symptoms
A deficiency of zinc in the soil especially in Europe , America and Russia is that in citrus fruits in tomatoes , has implications both in animals and humans, responsible for hair loss , alopecia, and serious in good fetal growth both physically and mentally
Insufficient maturity ' sex , reduced hearing , fatigue , loss of taste, appetite , retarded growth, infertility ' , delayed healing, dermatitis, insulin misuse , stress Moderate shortage , loss of taste and smell , impaired growth in children , Hair loss , rashes, and nail deformities , infertility , ' difficulty ' of healing , helps ' to contract infections
dwarfism , ipofunzionalita ' reproductive system . Prostate is essential for vision, helps wound healing , as indicated in the treatment of acne , dell'alopecia the cure of diabetes, ulcer , arthritis in , in powerlessness , in the cold . In the elderly there is still a careza , and causes the reduction of taste and smell , vision loss , Alzheimer's disease , brittle hair and nails , fatigue , decreased mental capacity , loss of appetite , delayed healing wounds and burns , acne , stretch marks , susceptibility to infections, growth retardation , sterility, will be more elderly , pregnant women, the nurses, women who use oral contraceptives , children and adolescents.
Zinc deficiency symptoms , causes diarrhea , atrophy and inflammation of the intestinal villi skin lesions around the eyes, the genital area , mouth , nose , extremities , nail dystrophy , halting their growth, the wounds bleed easily and can become infected , Cardiovascular problems , hypotension, diffuse Alopecia , thinning hair and brittle , lower hair follicles , poor healing of wounds , anorexia , disturbance of taste and smell , impaired night vision disturbances in color vision , conjunctivitis , photophobia, corneal edema , retinal degeneration , growth retardation , weight loss , impairment of the osteoarticular , delayed sexual maturity , impotence , infertility , decreased libido, immunosuppression , risk of infection , cancer , leukemia in infant atrophy thymus , spleen , lymphoid organs , accumulation of immature linfocidi in the spleen , neuropsychiatric disorders, behavioral disorders , sleep , depression , lethargy , irritability , seizures , decreased intellectual ability , memory loss .
seizures in childhood , it was found a lack of zinc in planceta other deficiency symptoms , miscarriages, abnormal prolongation of pregnancy , recall bleeding during delivery , underweight the unborn , malformations in the unborn child , growth retardation of the unborn species mothers who smoke , because smoking causes a lowering of leukocyte zinc and increases the rate of cadmium which acts as an antagonist of zinc, also abuse alcohol and drugs cause genetic defects in unborn child during pregnancy.
In adolescence, a zinc deficiency can cause growth retardation and delayed sexual maturation in the old zinc deficiency results in reduction of taste and sight , lowered immunity, delayed wound healing, cardiovascular, neurological , cancer.
Zinc deficiency is found in Crohn's disease in those who underwent gastric resection , is found in alcoholic dimunuzione serum zinc , the same is found in pancreatitis. In people with kidney impairment and hemodialysis , zinc is lowered , you Hypogonadism in the presence of zinc deficiency , the same occurs in the presence of myocardial infarction and after surgery, major trauma in burns, multiple fractures , is also associated with lower albumin , the addition of zinc regulates the activity of the liver , kidneys, spleen. In rheumatoid arthritis , the zinc is low , due to inflammation , immunity problems are all related to zinc deficiency
The most common causes that induce zinc deficiency are chronic fever , Alcoholism, SURGERY , BURNS , cirrhosis , dialysis, BAD intestinal absorption , renal failure , diuretics
alcoholism , arteriosclerosis , cirrhosis , diabetes, wound healing, high cholesterol, infertility ' , stress , dermatitis, chronic degenerative diseases , impotence, prostatic hypertrophy , zinc is essential for our motion is present in enzymes involved in nucleic acid synthesis , involved in the metabolism carbohydrate , phosphorus , various vitamins, essential to the functioning of the immune system , reproductive need , the male sex hormones , prostate , shown in toil, in growth in fatigue, pituitary dysfunction , the thyroid imbalances in the liver cell and pancreatic disorders of the nervous system -indicated in menstrual flow, and impotence . Studies tend to powers as are attributed to a zinc catalyst to die protecting blood vessels and thus helps prevent vascular disease (it seems that those affected by atherosclerosis tuti showed a lack of zinc) seems also to velocizare zinc aid the healing of wounds and scarring
And ' essential use of zinc in pituitary dysfunction in skin problems in healing, in acne , in hyperseborrhoea , nell'eritema , eczema , ulcers , nails and brittle hair , nell'alopecia
NB Zinc may ' be evil absorbed in the presence of cereals for their calcium phytate food and drinking water rich in copper can inhibit the absorption of zinc Zinc , an excess , reduces the absorption of copper, iron and calcium