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Allium sativum L. Family: Liliaceae Medicinal plant, food Part used: bulb
Pack of 100 capsules
Active ingredi..

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Allium sativum L. Family: Liliaceae Medicinal plant, food Part used: bulb
Pack of 100 capsules
Active ingredients
The main constituent of fresh garlic is alliin not bruised. When tissues are damaged this is degraded by an enzyme (aliinasi) in acid and pyruvic acid, 2-propensulfenico, the latter, however, is immediately transformed into allicin, equipped with antiseptic activity. The air oxidation dell'allicina leads immediately to the formation of diallyl disulfide, the main constituent of the essence that imparts the characteristic odor. Is also notified of ajoene (inhibitor of lipoxygenase and having the activity of antiplatelet agent).
Physiological purposes
L 'Garlic has action on the walls of veins and capillaries, coadiuvandone the physiological functions can contribute to normalize the tone, the permeability, and the blood flow also assists in the Fuzion physiological appointed to physiological control of the concentration of fat (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood and its fluidity and tendency to platelet aggregation. These physiological effects can be useful in controlling the physiological levels of blood pressure and the concentration of fat in the blood. Allicin also has antiseptic properties useful in microbial aggressions intestinal and respiratory tracts.
Use and dose 1 capsule 2 to 3 times a day
At high doses are indicated in patients with gastric disorders hyperchlorhydria. Nell'ipotensione contraindicated and can worsen existing skin diseases. The toxic dose was calculated to be about 595 g for an adult human. It should be borne in mind also that its administration lowered clotting times. The active ingredients are eliminated through the respiratory system, the urinary secretion, sweating and milk. E 'therefore recommended intake during pregnancy and lactation.