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Face Cream Bio Complex at Xanin

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  • Manufactured by: Verdesativa

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Face Cream Bio Complex at Xanin
Pack: 50ml
Ultranutriente cream, creamy and fresh, excellent for the treatment skin very dry, dehydrated and optimal mitigation and prevent the signs of aging. Its innovative structure provides micro liquid deep and lasting hydration (24 h) due to the phasing of active (effect "re..

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Face Cream Bio Complex at Xanin
Pack: 50ml
Ultranutriente cream, creamy and fresh, excellent for the treatment skin very dry, dehydrated and optimal mitigation and prevent the signs of aging. Its innovative structure provides micro liquid deep and lasting hydration (24 h) due to the phasing of active (effect "retard"). This new formulation contains the exclusive "XANIN BIOCOMPLEX" a natural active ingredient very effective in promoting regeneration and regeneration of the skin. The cream Biocomplex gives new energy to tired skin and due to its action antioxidant reduces signs of aging skin, giving the face a more young. The skin is smooth, firm, compact and soft to the touch. Formulated only with pure vegetable ingredients, contains no fragrance.
Its use is recommended for:
· Dry, dehydrated skin;
· Skin prone to wrinkles;
· Dull skin and lifeless;
· Leather with clear and deep signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines).
A whole new generation prepared with natural ingredients carefully selected JUVENOR by LAB.
The effective synergy in combining Xanin: specific minerals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts. The basic concept of its development is to strengthen and improve the natural moisturizing of the stratum corneum, thanks to the nourishing and protective of natural active ingredients.
With the Xanin Biocomplex have filled the limits of traditional cosmetics because in one component activities are concentrated in the skin needs, especially after age 40: intense hydration, firmness, anti-wrinkle effect, density, tone and brightness.
The Xanin Biocomplex Biosinergia follows three principles: · Combination different natural ingredients; ° Reinforced active natural skin; · Have strong guarantees of biocompatible skin. The complex will produce an increase of cellular metabolism through an increase of oxygen consumption, which means that the skin tends to a faster turnover of cells that regenerates quickly.
The natural extracts of Complex:
INCI NAME argan oil: Argan Spinosa Oil The argan oil, priceless treasure of Morocco, is extracted from the fruits of 'Argan Spinosa, a ancient tree that grows in the south west, between Agadir and Essaouira. Its nourishing, revitalizing and restructuring, together with a high antioxidant power, the have made known to the world of professional cosmetics, where its use is already fully said.
Rose Hip Oil INCI NAME: Rose Oil Moscata Oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids with remarkable healing properties, smoothing and rebalancing skin lipid system, likely to produce great improvements in the treatment of wrinkles.
INCA OMEGA OIL INCI NAME: Plukenetia Volubilis This is an oil extracted from a Peruvian plant / Amazon (extractive yield around 50%) which is very rich in omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid, even more than 50%) and omega-6 (Alpha-linolenic acid, 35%) and generally consists almost entirely of fat acids (93-98%). Its use in natural cosmetics sector has potential in analogy with other oils, highly unsaturated, such as Rosa Mosqueta. It has soothing qualities and is used riepitalizzante as topical. Inca Oil Omega Oil is cold pressed strictly.
MULTI MINERAL NAMES INCI: Magnesium Aspartate Copper Gluconate Zinc Gluconate Mixture of elements for the cellular metabolism that increases its vitality and stimulates the renewal. E 'consisting of salts of zinc (it is essential for growth and renewal phone), copper (stimulates collagen production, participates in the synthesis of keratin) and magnesium (is involved in the reactions of energy production at the cellular level).
HYALURONIC ACID INCI NAME: Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid Substance naturally present in the dermis, where binding the particles of water, keep hydration of the skin so it is firmer and smoother. He is currently an active principle of biotechnological origin and not derived from animals.
MOLECULAR FILM MOISTURIZING INCI NAMES: Gum xantham Chondrus Crispus Glucose Film Molecular achieved thanks to a submicrodispersione of hetero polysaccharides (through microfluidizzazione techniques) that has a high moisturizing effect and gives a nice silky feeling skin. It can be easily incorporated in emulsions and gel in order to increase their profile moisturizer. WHOLE PLANT INCI NAME: Ceratonia Siliqua Gum Mixture of galactomannan extracted from seeds of locust bean gum. This complex functional shows that you have a high affinity with the skin and produces a film-forming and ironing immediately perceptible. The effect is immediate tightening of the skin after the application, and above all sustainable.
VITAMIN COMPLEX INCI NAMES: Retinyl Palmitate Tochopherol Ascorbic Acid Vitamin A Palmitate: is used to prevent, avoid and delay phenomena aging skin. Vitamin A is often included in cosmetic products, varying concentrations, particularly in its role of protecting the skin. In the months winter, when it decreases the secretion of sebum, it is particularly indicated for use in products vitamin A. In fact, these preparations can protect the skin and avoid damage caused by external agents. Vitamin E is widely used in cosmetics for its multiple properties including: Improve the conditions of the skin surface by acting as a protector of lipids present in cell membranes, thus maintaining an optimal balance of water skin; · Protecting the skin from free radicals and thus prevent aging, thanks to its antioxidant properties; · Act as an emollient; Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential element for the health of the organism and beauty of the skin. Our body produces it naturally, so it is essential take it outside. He has a valuable cosmetic action because it promotes the synthesis of collagen (the protein found in the deep layers of the skin) that confers plasticity to the tissue, preventing the formation of wrinkles. Vitamin C also has an action Elasticity and refreshing.
BISABOLO INCI NAME: Bisabolol L 'a-bisabolo is one of the components of the essential oil derived from fresh or dried flower heads chamomile. Has a high skin tolerance and anti-reddening and soothing properties, and this has a soothing effect, especially on particularly sensitive skin. It is essentially a functional anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, relaxing and refreshing.
? Apply morning and evening with a gentle massage, focusing more on areas particularly affected. Ascolta Trascrizione fonetica Dizionario