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Face Cream Anti-aging Hemp

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Face Cream Anti-aging
Ideal treatment for demanding skin , dry and sensitive . The combination of excellent vegetable oils with activ..

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Face Cream Anti-aging
Ideal treatment for demanding skin , dry and sensitive . The combination of excellent vegetable oils with active ingredients of aloe , bisabolol and Ceratonia Siliqua prevents and reduces wrinkles , stimulates the microcirculation, the active parts and actively renews the skin. Thanks to Omega -3 and Omega -6 this cream effectively counteracts the aging process and improves skin skin's natural defenses . It contains only food grade ingredients .
Si: Pure Sativa Hemp oil
Yes: pure vegetable oils and essential oils
Yes: only food grade ingredients
Yes: High concentration of plant extracts
Yes: CO.CO.NAT certified product .
Yes: Product registered by The Vegan Society

Ingredients : water, vitis vinifera , cannabis sativa, squalane , glycerin , cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, Olea europaea , Aloe barbadensis, bisabolol , Oryza sativa, panthenol , sodium stearoyl lactylate , Capryloyl gycine , xanthan gum, cetyl palmitate , hydrogenated coconut oil , carrageenan , glucose , Cananga odorata , benzoic acid, Hydrolyzed rice protein , Linum usitatissimum, Prunus dulcis, American tilia , Ceratonia siliqua, benzyl benzoate , Aniba rosaeodora , d- limonene , linalool .
No preservatives, flavors or synthetic colors
No oil, synthetic oils , silicones , alcohol, paraben
No: chain - DEA - TEA- MEA , Scissor formaldehyde , PEGs , PPG , GM ( hazardous substances ) , organic halogen chains

Property details
Rich plant oils and extracts of plants and flowers provide protection and nourishment to dry skin, stress, restores radiance and tone, Thanks to their moisturizing and nourishing. Protects from external negative and is absorbed quickly without leaving trace. Excellent for the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin , dry and chapped .
Suitable for children's skin where it is very demanding and sensitive , is made entirely from food grade ingredients and contains no preservatives , fragrances or dyes synthesis. In this new and unique formulation was not used parabens or alcohol as a preservative , but a special blend of pure essential oils in very small doses , to ensure product and consumer health .
Cannabis Sativa is one of the few oil plants whose seeds contain about 5% of GLA, gamma linolenic acid , rare in nature and essential for our welfare , the lack of organic causes problems such as peeling of the skin , dehydration , impaired keratinization and general disorganization in epidermal layers . Accordingly, the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega -6 is just to normalize the intercellular lipid layers . The skin application of these fatty acids causes , therefore, a reduction of transepidermal dehydration , a refinement of normal barrier function and a normalization of the keratinization process skin . Help to prevent cellular oxidation and the formation of free radicals, exerting an intense anti-aging, sebum production and stabilize the epidermis ( makes the product suitable for all skin types , including mixed or impure ).
Vitis vinifera : The red grape is used primarily against free radicals and oxidative stress . The seeds of red grapes (Vitis vinifera ) are contained proanthocyanidins , molecules that have an interesting property : they are radical scavenger , capable , that is, to "catch" neutralizing free radicals and will no longer harmful to the cells of our body. The use in cosmetic preparations is positioned primarily as Skin Anti -aging effects on the functionality of vasoprotective and stimulating microcirculation.
Aloe Barbadensis : The aloe gel has a strong and lasting moisturizing and nourishing the skin, thanks to which is rich in polysaccharides , increases the unity and firmness of the skin, keeping the right moisture balance. The soothing and softening properties of aloe juice make it suitable for the prevention of rashes and skin irritations. Excellent on dry skin and dehydrated .
Polysaccharides : are substances (polymers ) formed by several molecules of simple sugars , whose key feature is to stimulate cells responsible for synthesis of connective tissue proteins ( collagen , elastin , proteins support the structure of skin and tissue connective , gives elasticity and tone the skin ) resulting in positive results on cellular regeneration.
Polysaccharides from Ceratonia siliqua : you have the surface of the skin, forming a molecular film that can modulate water loss Transepidermal .
Squalane : an important component of olive oil with high emollient , softening , restorative , protective skin from the aggression external , helps combat skin aging. Excellent use for dry skin , dehydrated , devitalized , with loss of elasticity and tone, as a preventative and treatment of skin dell'arrossamento stressed skin in general. The unsaponifiable olive skin guarantees vitality and elasticity. Specifically , the fraction of olive oil phytosterols , nourishes the fibroblasts (the cells that build collagen in the dermis and fix it when it deteriorates ) , stimulates the production of new collagen and restores the moisture balance of the skin surface .
Bisabolol : sesquiterpene alcohol contained in many essential oils. This is essentially a functional anti-inflammatory , anti-inflammatory , bacteriostatic , relaxing and refreshing. It is used for the known anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin and dry, and it is shown in after-sun products and protection products for sensitive skin , especially of children.
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