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Energizing Shampoo Hemp and Ginseng

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Energizing Shampoo
Hemp and Ginseng
Help to prevent the weakening of the hair, thanks to the extract Ginseng and hemp oil , wh..

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Energizing Shampoo
Hemp and Ginseng
Help to prevent the weakening of the hair, thanks to the extract Ginseng and hemp oil , which will invigorate from the root .
Surfactants are of plant origin, clean , delicate , not wither away hair and scalp.
Shortly foaming but effective cleanser , suitable for frequent use , shows the brightness and volume of hair.
Completely biodegradable , contains no artificial preservatives .
Property details
Thanks to the synergistic action of the extract Natural and Ginseng precious oil , Hemp place effective and nourishing strengthening of the hair.
It stimulates hair bulb, since the root thanks to the stimulating action Ginseng and tonic , indicated for the treatment of weak hair and fragile.
Omega -3 and Omega -6 's Cannabis Sativa also act by balancing , while delGrano proteins strengthen and nourish the hair.
Completely biodegradable contains 100% ingredients plant does not irritate not harmful to humans and the environment , pure plant extracts highly functional, high- protective, antiseptic, antibacterial and assisting in treatment of loss hair.
To increase the effectiveness of recommend treatment applied periodically before a pack of shampoo pure oil and Verdesativa leave it in longer possible. In fact, its oil Hemp has large properties in treatment of all states disorganization of the layers epithelium.
Delicate surface The choice I installment of the ingredients , particularly surfactants, so distinguished net and unique products d e t e r g e n d e r t i ve s a t i v a, placing on the market between t for the product to the professor to the quality , where quality is intends to ecological and maximum tolerability .
The Disodium COCOPOLYGLUCOSE Citrate, SODIUM Lauroyl glutamic and CAPRYLYL / CAPRYL Glucoside, are among the surfactants plant considered by many the most physiological and skin-compatible exist.
Often, special surfactants and particularly compatible have been criticized in As low foaming . While having a low foaming , indeed have a good cleaning power and solubilize fast dirt.
The brand Coconat All shampoos and shower Verdesativa obtained the eco- CO.CO.NAT . (cosmetics subsidiary natural).
DIRECTIONS And ' advisable to dilute the product to simplify application , especially on long hair.
We suggest to perform r e g o l a t e d e n RME g l i packs with reinforcing pure oil , Hemp applying it in the evening and washing away the energizing shampoo morning or after hours application.
Yes: only delicate surface of plant origin
Yes: pure essential oils , pure glyceric extracts , pure oil of Cannabis sativa
Yes: contains natural dermoprotective
Yes: high skin tolerance
Yes: completely biodegradable
No, fragrances , preservatives or synthetic dyes
No: SLS, SLES, PEGs , PPG , GMO or other substances considered at risk
No, animal testing

Ingredients: Aqua, Disodium Citrate Cocopolyglucose ; Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside , Sorbitol , Glycerin ; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein , Sodium Lauroyl glutamate , Lactic Acid , Cannabis sativa , Humulus Lupulus ; Cimicifuga racemosa ; Punica Granatum ; Trigonella foenum graecum , Curcuma Zedoaria ; Citrus Limonum , Panax Ginseng , Ascorbic Acid, Citral , Limonene .
Bottle 200ml