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Electronic Ballast SONLIGHT Digital Ballast 4D


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Ballast Sonlight: Power supply for universal, electronic and dimmable HID lamps
The Sonlight Digital 4D Ballast is a latest generation..

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Ballast Sonlight: Power supply for universal, electronic and dimmable HID lamps
The Sonlight Digital 4D Ballast is a latest generation electronic ballast that allows you to use the same electronic ballast for lamps of different wattages.
This Sonlight DIM Electronic Ballast with integrated potentiometer allows you to adjust the power to 250W or 400W or 600W or Super Lumens which increases the wattage by 10% (660W). This allows you to use a less powerful lamp in the growth phase and a more powerful one when required by the plants in the flowering phase. For example: you can use a growing MH 250W and a HPS 600W Super Lumens in bloom.
Ballast Sonlight Digital: SLP Based Microprocessor
Each indoor cultivation lamp has different construction features, the Sonlight microprocessor automatically adapts to the lamp making the most of its capabilities. The lamps also vary their characteristics with the passage of time, technically they "harden", the Sonlight microprocessor adapts to their hardening by continuing to exploit the lamps to the maximum and greatly extending their life. The Sonlight power supply always provides the right discharge and the right energy whatever the conditions and types of lamp used, optimizing its operation to the maximum. More Efficiency and Greater Production
Sonlight is a leader in the production of lamps and electronic ballasts for professional greenhouses and indoor gardening. With the new SONLIGHT horticulture feeders, the biggest revolution is underway in terms of efficiency, yield and reduction of consumption in lighting kits for domestic use and greenhouses. The old technology of electromagnetic ballasts, on the market for over 100 years, will soon be completely replaced by new electronic ballasts. SONLIGHT, precursor of this technology, has developed the best product on the market with an excellent quality / price ratio. Tests have shown that the SONLIGHT 4D electronic ballast allows 30% more lumens than a normal commercial ballast. This factor indicates that for the same consumption, using a SONLIGHT electronic power supply, the lumens emitted for each watt are greater. Why choose a Ballast Sonlight DIM electronic ballast?
The potentiometer allows you to set the wattage on the power of the lamp you want to use 250 or 400 or 600W + Super Lumens More lumens: over 30% more light output than a traditional power supply Reduced consumption: every watt consumed is transformed into lumens reducing consumption SLP Based Microprocessor: the power supply takes full advantage of the lamps and significantly extends their life Soft Start: safe and fast start-up, a traditional power supply takes about an hour to bring the lamp up to speed after being switched on. With the SONLIGHT 4D power supply, this is done in a few minutes Maximum silence. The noise emitted is not even audible Compact: small, and light Little heat: reduced heat emission Maximum ignition: lights lamps up to 15 meters away Automatic shutdown: shutdown and reset system in case of short circuit Turns on any HID bulb: HPS, AGRO and MH Supplied with cables already installed Fully shielded: Low electromagnetic emissions
Sonlight Ballast Digital 4D: Technical characteristics
Suitable for HID lamps: HPS, AGRO, MH (250W, 400W, 600W) Dimmer: 250-400-600-SL Input: 240V - 50 / 60Hz Imax: 3.7A PF≥ 0.98 THD≤ 10% CF≤ 1.7 Ta: -20 ° C → + 35 ° C Tc: ≤70 ° C Certificates: CE, RoHS
Guarantee 2 years Volt 50 / 60Hz 230-240 Volt Type HPS - MH lamp Watt 600 W CE, RoHS certified Sonlight manufacturer Dimmer 250-400-600 + SL Dim Yes Type Electronic Ballast