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Mixture of probiotics with high stability and security
Pack: 100 Capsules - 430 mg / op.

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Mixture of probiotics with high stability and security
Pack: 100 Capsules - 430 mg / op.
Lactobacillus acidophilus 40 mg, 40 mg Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus paracasei 40 mg, 40 mg quick bifidobacterium, Bifidobacterium longum 40 mg, short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides 110.4 mg, 80 mg insoluble dietary fiber, silicon dioxide 9.6 mg. chosen because they are in harmony with the intestinal microflora and are the safest kinds.
The composition of Ecoflor, consisting of a particular corn starch and fortified with specific enzymes and oligofructose, involves high temperature stability, security of the bacterial strains used, the gastric juices and bile stability, miscibility with other supplements (vitamins, minerals) .
Physiological purpose
Live microorganisms of bacterial origin, able to positively influence the health of the human body by improving the microbial balance of intestinal flora
An interesting development of probiotics in recent years has focused on their ability to assist the various mechanisms of the physiology of the immune system, such as humoral immunity, cell-mediated and nonspecifica. As for the humoral response, numerous scientific studies show that treatment with probiotics type L. Casei and L. acidophilus result in an increase in the production of IgA, which improves the ability of the intestine to function as a barrier. An interesting aspect of the modulation of the immune system by probiotics is the ability of probiotics to influence in the intestinal epithelium, the response mediated by T cells through production of cytokines. It has also been shown that lactobacilli are able to stimulate the activity of macrophages to different species of bacteria. Presumably the effect is determined by absorption through the intestinal walls of a soluble antigen or translocation of lactobacilli into the bloodstream.
The premise of the activity of a probiotic, is the resistance to acid in the stomach, allowing the pool to retain bacterial viability necessary for action in the intestine. Currently, probiotics are mainly consumed as dairy products, such as yoghurt and fermented milk, or through the assumption of freeze-dried preparations used in the preparation of capsules, tablets, syrups. In various studies carried out on volunteers, the amount of bacteria administered is 1x109 for two, three times a day. The moments of the day most suitable for the administration are in the morning on an empty stomach or at bedtime, to minimize interference due to bile salts. You should take this product 15-30 'after dispersion in water, to allow the activation of the bacteria, and as far away as possible from food.
Recommended dosage
1X109 bacteria for 1-3 times a day. Take between meals. Corresponding to 1 cps 1 to 3 times a day.
The use for a long time, bacterial species for food, in the preparation of yogurt and dairy products, is now generally recognized as safe, so that studies are now aimed at evaluating the many health benefits. Ecoflor contains bacteria long-tested and can be used in high security.

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