Crafts Crochet

Crafts Crochet

crochet work to present can be made with any color of your choice , number and size upon contact and as the occasion , baptisms , weddings , christenings , communions . You can also order the quantity on the site. We also favors with cosmetics , type, soap , etc. .

Being made by hand is time frame depends on the amount and type required .

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When Queen Isabella in 1493, Aquila was to visit the relics of San Bernardino , the chroniclers of the state that went after the Knights of wonder, who prepared the sumptuous feasts in the city , the lush beauty of women and the exquisite richness Aquila waves were adorned with lace .
Horace D'Angelo, L'Aquila (1904)

History dell'Uncinetto
The crochet work is considered one of the most versatile and satisfying , and everything you need to make creative and original articles is a crochet and a bit ' of wire. Used to make lace, doilies, etc. . working on a single head filament yarn.
The crochet is a normal stick fitted at one end of a hook used to catch and guide wire. Today, they are machine-made , usually aluminum or steel coated with plastic, but can also be made of wood and even ivory . Have many dimensions , according to the International Standard Range ( ISR) and range from 0.60 mm, fine cotton , yarn to 10.00 mm for very large and , since the ' crochet do not need to hold the points, as iron for knitting , but only the loop processing , all have a standard length which is about 20 cm.
The crochet is usually flattened in the middle for better grip .
Sources dell'uncinetto
The origins of crochet are very old and, as in the case of other textile arts , which are difficult to track, but early examples were found in every corner of the globe , the Far East , Africa , Europe , North America and South and examples if they already found in Egyptian culture. Sometimes it was working on the crochet hook with yarn for producing a very fine delicate fabric, or has been working with thicker yarn on big hooks , giving rise to a compact and dense. This second type of crochet was used by the Chinese to manufacture three-dimensional dolls , from Africans who used to manufacture the hats of their chieftains , by the Turks to create hats and Scotland to make caps and heavy mantelli.La form of crocheting was more sensitive originated in Italy in the sixteenth century and it was mainly used by the nuns to make decorations and vestments for the church.
The yarns used to crochet can be very different for different effects. The cotton and silk producing a delicate fabric like the spider web which is reminiscent of Victorian crafts , yarn thick and large can be used for clothing and household items . To achieve creative work and pleasing you can use, as well as cotton , wool and silk , rope, flax, hemp , jute , which alone or combined with other cases the results are unusual .
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