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Ingredients :
Millet eg , Vit C , Spirulina , methionine , horsetail, dolomite, cysteine , zinc gluconate , vit . B5..

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Ingredients :
Millet eg , Vit C , Spirulina , methionine , horsetail, dolomite, cysteine , zinc gluconate , vit . B5, Vit. B 6 , Vit . B2, biotin.

Packaging: 60 cps Property :
Cysteine for 8% of the hair and is ' responsible for their shape and structure due to the chemistry of its sulfur -hydrogen bond . Cysteine together with vit . C , B5, B6, zinc properties ' antioxidants. Therefore block some of the damage caused by free radicals , implicated in aging processes may destroy or disable the hair follicles and encourage the formation of dandruff.
These antioxidants , thus helping to maintain healthy hair . Methionine and ' necessary and important to detoxify the liver and the production of antibodies , and its deficiency causes hair loss. Millet, spirulina , dolomite , horsetail contribute to the contribution of minerals , vitamins and amino acids useful for the life of the hair and to balance the product.
Millet is a cereal rich in minerals. Contains silicic acid , phosphorus , magnesium , calcium , iron , sulfur , fluorine , potassium . It also contains 11 amino acids, vit . B1 , B2 and nicotinamide . His contribution in silicon has a complex action on nutrition hair, nails , skin .
In the East, where it is still widely used in food, men and women have thick hair , bright and strong. Traditionally used to improve skin and skin appendages . The composition of millet is similar to that of wheat, but does not contain gluten.
Spirulina : useful nourishment as real thanks to its rich protein content and high concentration of nutrients and biologically active to its easy digestibility. Protein 60-70%, 8% minerals : calcium , magnesium , iron , potassium , zinc, phosphorus.
Vitamins: beta carotene , B complex vitamins including vitamin B12, vitamin . a, vit . and, ac . folic acid and pantothenic acid , enzymes and pigments : chlorophyll, carotenoids , one of the most important aspects of spirulina is to produce high levels of chlorophyll (2% ) as well as antioxidants and an example is the green pigment - containing the cobalt blue . And ' the plant that contains the highest absolute amounts of beta carotene, much of the same carrot.
It also contains many enzymes including SOD , a powerful antioxidant and fatty acid gamma linolenic acid ( GLA ) Omega-6 series , eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA ) of omega 6.
Recommended dosage :
1 capsule two times daily with meals