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Brewer's Yeast


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Saccharomyces cerevis..

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Packaging: 100 op. - 400 mg / op
is a residue of the fermentation of beer, a microscopic fungus which is also found on the skin of some fruits , useful in colitis , diabetes , stress, weak nails , brittle hair , wrinkled skin , is a natural tonic , enhances intestinal flora , contains B vitamins and also vitamin B12. Indispensable for those who do not eat animal protein , has immunostimulant properties of live yeast extracts are useful in extensive burns and healing is helpful in those with diabetes , promotes assimilation of food is balancing, protects the nervous system , stimulates the endocrine glands , is antianemic , antitoxic , antiarteriosclerotico , stomachic, shown in demineralization in rickets, nell'avitaminosi in food poisoning, intestinal infections , in furunculosis, dermatitis , in liver disease , reduces the pain in case of cirrhosis , prevents tooth decay is preventative against radiation , the rule change eliminates the outpourings of the skin, cleanses the skin and makes it more beautiful and bright, also strengthens the lashes , useful in chronic constipation in neuritis in leukopenia in agranulocytosis. Essential antibot -takers .
ACTIVE , lysine , B vitamins , selenium , chromium, insulin and preventive diabetem cofactor glutathione, which protects from poisons polluting sulfur , essential amino acids , leucine, valine , isoleucine , threonine , finilanina , methionine , tryptophan , exceptional source thiamin , vitamin B1, riboflavin B2 , nicotinic acid , pyridoxine B6, pantotecnico acid , biotin , folic acid , ash , phosphorus , potassium , magnesium , sugars and lipids.
Approximately 40-50% of very digestible proteins , which are present in aminoasidi essential , especially the B group vitamins , minerals , Mg , Ca, trace elements , enzymes (glutathione ) .
In 1948 , studies by Dr. . Parsons University of Wisconsin, found that living yeast cells can deplete the gut of B vitamins
This is because the yeast cells use vitamin . B present for their needs. Those intact cells are evacuated with the feces causing vitamin deficiency of group B.