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Finger technique high protein low carbohydrate content.
Barrett'One: it is a bar (70 g) with high protein content..

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Finger technique high protein low carbohydrate content.
Barrett'One: it is a bar (70 g) with high protein content (43% protein) and low in carbohydrates. Although the total absence of sugars, carbohydrates and fats in general represents the main purpose in the production of the protein bars technique for the world of Body Building, we can hardly achieve this goal if not at the expense of the consistency and palatability of the product. Nutritional aspects and technical aspects are difficult to reconcile in protein bars technique. This is due to the fact that vegetable fats and glucose syrup are essential to give proper weight to the bar (think of the temperature problems: the bar must have a consistency that is acceptable both in summer and winter). These two components (sugars, fats) also give the product a palatability acceptable in terms of taste and sweetening. In BARRETT ONE (the technique of protein bars technique + Watt) has tested the possibility of reducing to a minimum the content of fat and to replace almost totally the glucose syrup with sweet syrup dietary fiber, non-digestible and therefore not comparable. The result is a series of protein bars with a balanced mix of taste and nutritional characteristics that can meet demanding athletes. Compared to some American products on the market, there was further reduction of fat that could replace the sugar residues in the product. Furthermore, in Barrett One, not glycerine is used that easily exudes from mixing when the finger is subjected to temperature variations also minimal. This type of protein bars is recommended for all those who need to increase their protein intake in the diet and at the same time limiting carbohydrates and especially fat. In this perspective, the Barrett One is also a good meal replacement, especially when the subject is undergoing a hypocaloric diet. As with all foods with high protein content, the Barrett One should be taken either before (at least 1 hour) or after physical exertion. As is well known, the protein digestibility is lower than carbohydrates, and their intake during the performance it could undermine the investigation. Taking after the race or training will help the rebuilding of muscle, mitigating wear and promoting the de novo synthesis of lean body mass. From a nutritional point of view the Barrett One has an important significance plastic / structural, modest, however, its meaning energy.
INGREDIENTS: Milk Protein, fiber (GOS), glucose syrup, vegetable fat, maltodextrin, dextrose, flavorings, preservative: potassium sorbate.
Average analysis per 100 g - 1 bar (70 g) Calories: 353 kcal (1500 kJ) - 246 kcal (1046 kJ) Protein: 43 g - 30 g Carbohydrates: 16 g - 11 g Fat: 7 g - 4.9 g Dietary Fiber: 27 g - 19 g
WHEN: In endurance sports Barrett'One is shown when you need to get protein to increase lean muscle mass at the expense of fat. Taken after the effort, even in endurance sports, facilitates muscle recovery. In everyday life, it is a useful supplement diets with low intake of protein, or, as a substitute for a meal, in the diet.
MODE OF RECRUITMENT AND DOSAGE. In power sports you can recommend up to 1.6 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (3-4 bars). In endurance sports Barrett'One 1-2 (1 Barrett'One contains about 30 grams of protein) after exercise are sufficient for recovery. In everyday life, the recommended dose is 0.8 g per kg of body weight. 2 bars provide an adequate dose of protein for a person of average weight. PACKAGING: Box of 20 bars, 70 g per bar.
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