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Balancing Shampoo Hemp and Tea Tree

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Balancing Shampoo
Oily Hair Hemp and Tea Tree
thoroughly Cleanses without drying hair and scalp. Shortly foaming but effectiv..

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Balancing Shampoo
Oily Hair Hemp and Tea Tree
thoroughly Cleanses without drying hair and scalp. Shortly foaming but effective cleanser, respects the natural structure hair , and has an excellent performance through a combination of surfactants plant, hemp oil and Tea Tree Oil.
Highlight the shine of the hair , they are not weight. Completely biodegradable , contains no artificial preservatives .
Property details
Deep cleanses the skin without irritation , by the action Hemp oil synergistic Sativa, and the Tea Tree delicate surface .
Omega -3 and Omega -6 's Cannabis Sativa acting with the oil Tea Tree by balancing the scalp so that this shampoo helps effectively eliminating excess sebum , making the hair shiny and voluminous .
The essential oil of tea tree is also known for the action antiseptic , anti-inflammatory and balsamic .
Unlike many products for the treatment of greasy hair , This shampoo acts without attack hair and scalp Capel luto , with action cleaning very sensitive without drying the hair .
And ' in fact ideal for those who do not tolerate normal detergents , being formulated exclusively with surfactants of vegetable origin , derived from sugars and wheat, the most sensitive place.
Sorbitol, skin protection derived from natural sugars, helps create a protection on the skin and hair against the absorption of surfactants.
Delicate surface The careful selection of ingredients, in particular, surfactants, active substances or scrubbing distinguishes sharply and and the unmistakable bi l i t product detergents Verdes, placing products on the market between high- qualitative terms , where quality is meant by ecological and maximum tolerance .
The Disodium COCOPOLYGLUCOSE Citrate, SODIUM Lauroyl glutamic and CAPRYLYL / CAPRYL Glucoside, are among the surfactants plant considered by many the most physiological and skin-compatible exist.
Often, special surfactants and are particularly compatible been criticized as Low foaming . < br < Despite having a reduced power foam , in truth have an good cleaning power and solubilize fast dirt.
The brand Coconat All shampoos and shower Verdesativa obtained the eco- CO.CO.NAT . ( controlled natural cosmetics )
And ' advisable to dilute the product to the pe r s and m p l i f i c a r e application , especially on long hair. To increase the effectiveness and balancing effect , recommend occasionally applied the pack of pure oil Verdesativa some hours before shampooing .
Yes: only delicate surface of plant origin
Yes: pure essential oils , plant extracts , pure oil of Cannabis sativa
Yes: high skin tolerance
Yes: contains natural dermoprotective
SI: completely biodegradable
No, fragrances , preservatives or synthetic dyes
No: SLS, SLES, PEGs , PPG , GMO or other substances considered at risk
No, animal testing

Ingredients: Aqua , Disodium Citrate Cocopolyglucose ; Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside , Sorbitol , Glycerin ; Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein , Sodium Lauroyl glutamate , Lactic Acid , Cannabis Sativa , Melaleuca Alternifolia ; Ascorbic Acid.
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