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Biological pre-sprouted barley powder from corn increasingly recognized as "healthy food", a valuable aid to fill the nutritiona..

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Biological pre-sprouted barley powder from corn increasingly recognized as "healthy food", a valuable aid to fill the nutritional deficiencies related to nutrition balanced little too rich in fats, hectic pace and stress.
What AKTIV is 100% organic barley pre-sprouted stone ground. We get it through a natural process that lets you take each seed just opened up that is going to sprout, all his prodigious vitality.
In this way, we are sure to turn on all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that each grain of barley jealously guards itself.
What is useful and how does Aktiv® is a special source of energy, stable and lasting, that can help counter the naturally low energy and fatigue that often accompany the hectic pace of everyday life or special dense moments of commitments and responsibilities.
Its slow-release sugars (complex carbohydrates), vitamins and natural trace elements support the body, restoring tone and vigor.
Children, adults, elderly, traveling, studying, working or doing sports, everyone can find in quest'orzo activated a trusted ally of vitality and enthusiasm. Thanks to the high presence of beta-glucans, soluble fibers contained herein in greater quantities than the traditional whole barley, Aktiv® can be a great aid to help restore the proper level of blood sugar and keep your cholesterol normal values provided that it is consumed regularly and in the right amount.
METHOD 'FOR USE: 2 tablespoons of Aktiv table (equal to approximately 20 g) provides 1 g of beta-glucans.
The intake of 3 g of beta-glucans per day, helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Aktiv®è a soluble powdered food, ready in 5 minutes without the need to cook and easy to digest.
Just dissolve a tablespoon in a container, such as a shaker, with fruit juice, milk or yogurt to taste and stir everything well for a while.
Those who prefer it, can add to a cream of vegetables, stir well for a few seconds, because our powder keeps intact its beneficial properties even in the presence of heat.
Packaging: 300 grams.
Ingredients: Activated Barley ™ (pre-sprouted 100% organic barley).