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Family: Rubiaceae Part used: Bark
Paking: 100 Capsules
Ingredients Uncaria tomentosa powder 240 mg dry extract Uncaria tomentosa total alkaloids ossindolici 1% 160 mg. Active Ossindolici pentacyclic alkaloids (isopteropodina, pteropodina, isomitrafillina, mitrafillina, rincofillina, isorincofillina) glycosides of chinovico; polyphenols (epicatechin and procyanidins) sitosterol, mucilage and minerals.
Physiological purpose The product supports the physiological functions of the immune system and promoting the functional integrity of the physiological processes involved in responses to microbial attack.
Use and dose Dry extract 200 - 1000 mg per day - 1 - 2 capsules 2-3 times daily
Notes Contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation to possible action on uterine muscle and milk production. Ascolta Trascrizione foneticaDizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

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