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Ten Herbs


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Ten Herbs

The Ten Herbs is an product herbal in powder and tablets, to help resolve problems intestinal problems, constipation, bloating, flatulence and insufficiency hepatobiliary .
Herbal ingredients
Cascara - Aloe- Cassia Rhubarb - Frangula :
have an effect favoring intestinal transit , mainly due to the influence on colonic motility.
is a stimulant of gastrointestinal motility , may be useful in the sense of fullness and flatulence .
Licorice :
thanks to the content of saponins (2-15 %) , has a good emulsifying power that can be afruttato in case of intestinal transit slowed.
Gentian :
contains bitter substances which, through the stimulation of taste receptors , stimulate a reflex salivary secretion in the stomach,
Dandelion :
has property choleretic , diuretic, eupeptic and stomachic , is also used as a mild imperative .
Marrubium :
has activity choleretic due to acid marrubiinico ; useful in case of loss of appetite and disorders dyspeptic , such as sense of fullness and flatulence

Active Ingredients :
A mixture of herbs powdered ( Cascara , Aloe Ferox , Fennel , Licorice , Senna , Dandelion, Gentian , Rhamnus Alpine , Rhubarb, Marrubium ) 320 mg.
1 -3 tablets taken with fluid , the evening before bedtime.
Pack: Bottle of 100 pl.
Does not contain: gluten , added preservatives, artificial colors , GMOs . Suitable for vegetarians .

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