St. John's Wort


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St. John's Wort

Thanks to the synergy of all its components, the St. John's wort retard is a useful and effective use in the t..

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St. John's Wort

Thanks to the synergy of all its components, the St. John's wort retard is a useful and effective use in the treatment of syndromes depressive moderate or mild , exerting a positive effect on mood , with a profile better tolerability than common antidepressant drugs.
This is especially effective in those states of mind characterized by : a sense of worthlessness or guilt , fatigue and physical and mental fatigue , difficulty concentrating , loss of interest in usual activities .
The special formula developed by using a capsule containing 4 release tablets different , allowing a gradual and steady , providing the body with a sufficient time (more than two hours ) to absorb and transport throughout the body active and offer therefore a ' long-acting , defined action Retard .

On 24 June (the day of St. John ) the nature makes us a gift: flowers ' Hyperìaim perforatimi , a map from the leaves prick and the bright yellow flowers , actually called the St. John's wort . full of problems , our natural state of being can be affected by many factors : in fact, are widespread sadness , depression , sadness .

Several clinical studies have confirmed the antidepressant activity that appears related to the presence of a plant complex ( hypericin , pseudo - hypericin , iperoside , quercetin etc.). acting with mechanisms synergistic the dopaminergic system , serotonergic and GABAergic .
essential amino acid present in most proteins . It has calming effect and can be used favorably to counter the noise made by anxiety, insomnia , stress and depression.
amino acid which is an intermediate step in the transformation of phenylalanine to norepinephrine and nopamina .
essential amino acid which function as neurotransmitters in the brain , improves memory and the vividness mentale.Viene converted into norepinephrine and dopamine , neurotransmitters that promote alertness .
is used in the brain together with vitamin B6 and allaVitamina PP to produce serotonin.
Vitamin PP
also known as niacin , belongs to the B group vitamins It is the precursor of important substances necessary for energy production within cells, including nerve .
Vitamin B6
involved in energy metabolism and amino acids at the cellular level , encouraging the production of substances that delegated to the control many functions nerve .

A Who is St. John's Wort
To all the people who experience the negative effects of the accumulation of stress is through the increase in fatigue , which through the fall mood , increased melancholy and anxiety .
The special formula developed by the research ESI allows a gradual release of natural principles ensuring, by taking one capsule a day, sustained action and a natural well-being throughout the day .
2 tablets dissolve already in the stomach , starting the first phase of the assimilation of the principles natural contained in the Grass of St. John, while the other
2 tablets pass intact through the stomach and dissolve in a second step, in the intestinal tract , ensuring, thanks to their special formula , a slow and gradual absorption of the natural content.

Ingredients fordaily dose:
Hypericum titrated tit. 0.3% 233 mg L-Triptofano150 mg Magnesio56,3 mg L-Tirosina10 mg L-Fenilalanina10 mg Vitamin PP8,00 mg Vitamin B61,4 mg

Pack: Box of 30 capsules retard.
Does not contain: gluten , added sugar , preservatives , artificial coloring, artificial flavors , ogm.

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