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SpiruLife Spirulina


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Pack of 100 capsules.
food supplement Spirulina is well known as a vegetable source alternative to animal sources of vitamin B12. The plant origin of Spirulina is in the sea, it is in fact a so-called blue green microalgae.
Microalgae are very old algae, which appeared on Earth about 3 billion years, and are the first forms of life capable of photosynthesis - the engine power plant - to be appeared on Earth. Spirulina is considered for all practical purposes a highly nutritious food, rich in all the B vitamins, proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, iron, magnesium and gamma-linoleic acid.
Numerous books enhance its outstanding nutritional properties, suggesting a mixed fruit cocktail recipes, salads sprinkled the precious seaweed, energy snacks and various culinary creations. Its beautiful intense dark green color comes from carotenoids, phycocyanin and chlorophyll, his natural antioxidants.
METHOD 'FOR USE: We recommend taking 2 to 3 capsules per day, to be swallowed with a generous sip of water.
NET WEIGHT: 60 grams.
Ingredients: organic spirulina algae powder (Spirulina platensis tallo), vegetarian capsule (Hydroxy-propilmetil-cellulose).

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