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Shitake Mushrooms


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shitake mushrooms
colosterolo lowering , antioxidant , anti- free radicals , prevent infectious diseases and degenerative useful in sexual dysfunction
Packaging: 100 op. - 350 mg / op .
The name derives from " Shii " (oak ) and " Take " (mushroom ) come dall'Estermo shiitake mushrooms are popular in China and are part of the Japanese diet . Grow naturally on the trunks of these trees ( oaks ) . compounds are marketed herbal tablets. ACTIVE Shiitake Mushrooms They are rich in vegetable protein , iron , fiber, vitamins and minerals are low in calories
Pack: 100 op. - 350 mg / op.
The name derives from "Shii" (oak) and "Take" (mushroom) Shiitake Mushrooms come dall'Estermo are widespread in China and are an integral part of Japanese diet. Grow naturally on the trunks of these trees (oak). They are being sold in the herbal compound tablets. ACTIVE Shiitake mushroom They are rich in vegetable protein, iron, fiber, vitamins and minerals are low in calories
Ingredients Lentinus edodes dried extract 150 mg, 200 mg of rice starch. The shitake is known as the "Lentinula edodes", available in Asian countries (China, Korea, Japan). The effects and use of shitake mushrooms have been described for the first time during the period of the Ming dynasty (1364/1644).
Physiological purpose Assists the physiology of the immune system supports the action. Assists the physiological processes that regulate the concentration of blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides), supporting the physiological control.
Use and dose Dry extract from 200 to 800 mg per day - 1 capsule 2-3 times daily

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