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Shea Butter


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Shea Butter
Simple , cheap, used and not available in nature in a new way (they are not felled trees for its preparation ), is rich in vitamins A, B , E, F, has a mild natural sunscreen , it melts at body temperature on the skin . Shea butter is a wild product that should never miss in your vanity case eco -bio !
Possible uses:
hydrates , nourishes, protects and helps prevent skin aging facial ; protects the lips ;
softens the driest skin of the points of the body such as elbows and knees ;
prevents stretch marks and is therefore particularly suitable in pregnancy, the skin of belly and breast ;
used as an ingredient in poultices for hair dryer and protects them from the aggression of surfactants ;
is likely to be mixed with vegetable oils or creams in addition to the bio to enrich or compose your own custom mix .
Shea Butter comes from the village of Nassian , the largest of a sub-prefecture in the north of Ivory Coast, inhabited by the people Kulango . A group of village women formed the cooperative " DAA WO -RI , which Kulango language means " there is help . " Thanks to a project to import " fair " , the cooperative earns from the sale of butter a price up to 50 times the official price of the market. In this way, women who work there are able to participate in building a school in their village , and to improve their lives . And they have recovered a traditional activity that was disappearing because of ever-lower prices of Shea on the local market .
The shea tree grows naturally in Savannah and is considered sacred by the people Kulango , that fact can not shoot it down , or eradicate it , let alone hit the tree to drop fruit. These are collected when already fallen spontaneously , usually in the vesting period from March to April .
50 ml
INCI: Butyrospermum parkii

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